Reality, as proven by science is what we can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. If we cannot sense the existence of something, by the laws of science, it does not exist: observable reality.What’s wrong with that statement? Well, to start, science can’t prove anything, that’s a proven scientific fact. The observable reality is only one reality, there is an alternate one. I know what you’re thinking, “the crazy, fantasy guy is going to try and prove parallel universes exist.”, but, that’s not what I’m going to do. What I’m going to do is prove that observable reality isn’t all there is. There is a physical reality and a metaphysical reality. An observable reality, and an invisible reality. 

Amazingly enough, science can exposit the proof of an invisible reality by the evidence from observable reality. 

Matter: the substance of everything. Water, air, earth… Everything. Even things we can’t see. 

Science can study matter and therefore prove that it exists.

Antimatter: the opposite of matter, containing negative elements in opposite polarity to matter. Where matter has atoms, antimatter has antiatoms. Antimatter annihilates matter whenever they come in contact and has only been seen in certain nuclear reactions.

We can see antimatter, it is not stable, not sustainable, and therefore can be seen but not observed. The existence of an unobservable force that annihilates the very makeup of the earth is proof of an invisible reality. Antimatter is known as the most expensive commodity in the entire universe, and for good reason. If you possessed a way to sustain an element capable of destroying everything it touches, you would be the most powerful being in the universe.

Antimatter is little more than a theory, except for the fact that it truly exists. Antimatter is so rarely seen that even some scientists believe it no longer exists. Antimatter is the most powerful thing that exists inside the universe besides the Holy Spirit, and neither of them exist in the observable universe. We cannot, taste, touch, smell, or hear antimatter, and though it can be seen, it cannot be studied or truly observed. 

Here is my theory: the invisible existence of antimatter is the first step into discovering the equal, opposite forces of the universe that keep balance. For every thing that can be observed, there is an unobservable opposing force. 
Gravity for instance, what prevents gravity from simply crushing everything? Or light: it is composed of photons, which have no mass and are not made of matter. Why does light eliminate darkness and darkness exist at all? Every force has an antiforce. It’s a unique theory and largely unexplored. Currently, scientists are puzzling over the issue of baryogenesis. 

Baryogenesis: the generic term for the hypothetical physical processes that produced an asymmetrical between baryons and antibaryons that exist in the universe.

This is an issue for scientists because the antimatter is not proportionate to the matter in the universe, at least not as far as science can tell. Thus, we don’t know how or when it was created, how much of it exists, or even what it actually is or how it functions. Antimatter is the definition of an invisible reality. What if light has an antilight? Not just darkness, but something that prevents light from becoming all enveloping. Something that is not just opposite, but against light. What if the antilight destroys light and darkness is the effect. What if there is an antigravity that distroys gravity and the effect is a weightlessness like they experience in space? 

What if the unlimited evil of mankind has a counter part of the unlimited blood of Christ; and when the blood meets the sin, it abolishes it and the result is righteousness. What if? What would it mean? Would it effect the way we live our lives? Invisible reality is hard to see, but it is a reality, one we need to realize.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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