Inception, the genesis of a thought.

For those wondering what happened to last week’s Movie Review Monday, well, last week I watched “Inception”, and it required a little more time to analyze.


I watched this film through heavy filters, it is drenched in language as all Leonardo DiCaprio films are. If you watch it, which I would advise you don’t, you’ll discover it’s a waste of time and nowhere near as wowing and complex as it was hyped up to be.


In a single thought I can sum up the entire movie, which is often called complex and intricate: Inception. This single thought is, “People change people”, the secret of life. Everything in the movie was directly linked to people being responsible for changes in other’s behavior, altering their lives. Those live and the alterations in turn affected the lives of the first people in an unbroken circle of change. The single thought that sums up an entire universe contained in a film: people change people.


Just to touch on the acting before we get to the worldview… I discovered why DiCaprio was so long in winning an Oscar. I’m not saying he’s a bad actor… He’s just nothing exceptional. He also doesn’t pull off the troubled, mentally hazardous, whatever he was supposed to be very well. I loved the character of Scarecrow from the Batman trilogy, so Cillian Murphy was one of my favorite actors in this film, where he co-stars alongside another actor from the Batman movies, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It seems that the roles have been swapped however, and the antagonist of the duo is now Gordon-Levitt instead of Murphy. Another notable performance was that of Michael Cain, also from Batman. Seriously, it’s like the sci-if Batman reunion with DiCaprio filling in for Christian Bale.

Right and Wrong:

the invisible gray line.

The reason the gray line is invisible is primarily because there shouldn’t be one. The grey area seems to be invented for this film. Apparently when toying with space/time and reality in the depths of the human subconscious you loose all sense of right and wrong; and at times even up and down. Which, plot hole, the antigravity sequence inside of the dream couldn’t have existed, for one, the mind doesn’t experience vertigo in the subconscious, thus not while asleep. Secondly, they were only falling with in a dream and were not aware that they were. Reality was the plane they were seated on, the dream beneath was where they were falling, but the second level down wouldn’t experience any of that if the machine worked in the subconscious mind.

The movie was decently thought through, but can be easily exploited from flaws at every level. So, I’ll attempt to refrain from nitpicking. However, as is clearly evident, there is no right and wrong in the film. We see that Dom(DiCaprio), the main character, (yeah, I thought it was Tom at first too), wrongfully deceives the team to go under the dream and withholds the danger of that action. The characters have a sense of right and wrong, but no one and no thing is scene as either right for their actions. The main character is guilty of murder, though he claims it is by accident, and in the end gains international freedom by purchasing it with funds from corrupting an organization. The film is a mess of poorly thought through plots and weak characters. 


Deceit and malice pay theft and injustice for immoral and illegal deeds, then deceit and malice buy off government through bribery and blackmail to give theft and injustice freedom and amnesty: in the end we call them both honorable and upstanding. What?… What did I just watch. My initial reaction was exclusively from the story, which I thought was far more simplistic than most movies I’ve watched. My secondary reaction was to the acting, which could’ve been better but was at least par for Hollywood. My final reaction was to the worldview. 

I don’t even think Christopher Nolan(Batman family reunion, I’m telling you), had a point or purpose in mind when he created the film. It was impossible to determine his message because of the garbage and confusion surrounding it.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist 

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