In the late months of 2014 I had the idea to write a book about what it has been like to live in a bus. Over the course of the months of November and December, I began the writing of this book and found out that it is difficult for a fantasy novelist to write anything non-fiction, particularly non-fiction stories about himself and his life. Oh, it’s not at all difficult to write about life, but that’s all it is to me: my life. I don’t see anything interesting or peculiar about the way I live. I observe others’ reactions to it and deduce that my life is abnormal, but to me, life is life.

It took a lot of focus and inspiration from some dear friends to actually bring this book into being, but glory to God it has been finished. My two main inspirations are fellows of mine who used to blog with me: Stephen Dodd and Guy Batton. Had it not been for Stephen’s influence on my life and writing, I would likely not even be a writer today. Had it not been for Guy’s editing and revisioning talents that kept the project fresh and alive to me, I would’ve given up on the book long ago. Praise God for good friends, by their encouragement and inspiration, I have finished my first book.

Now, this is sort of an introductory item. This book is not the style I particularly enjoy writing, nor is it the length I prefer. However, as is the name of this blog, so is my writing aspirations. In order to begin my writing career, so to speak, I first need to acclimate my realm of influence to the staunch fact that I am a writer who sings, not a singer who writes. Most of the people who would claim an aquaintence with me aren’t even are that I am a writer. So, “When You Live In A Bus” will hopefully establish that fact in peoples’ minds. After this, who knows?

“When You in a Bus”, is a montage of stroies and creative renderings of what life is like on a bus. It’s purpose is to encourage people that God can use the worst poss hoe circumstances in your life to bring about the greatest possible glory to Him.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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