The bus is starting to feel more and more like a home every day. We are currently in Independence, LA at my Uncle Rodney’s house and have been working on the bus non-stop since we arrived. It’s been tiring work, but the bus is coming along.  

This is what the inside looks like now. As you can see, those side boards on the ceiling were added as well as the vent boxes on the floor since the last time you saw it. 
I’ve been working on insulating and building those vent boxes that run along the sides there. They look better up close.  See. We’ve set up our own workshop in the back with a few saw-horses and an extension cord running through the back window to power the three different saws we’re using.  

 It makes an awful mess, and we probably sweep the bus out four or five times a day. This has been the past several days here in Louisiana. It’s been fun, but very difficult work. Most recently we’ve mapped out the floor plan and started building framing from the back to the front. This bit will be Mom and Dad’s bedroom. Those window-like slots are openings to closets on either side that we will eventually close in with doors. It rains a lot here. There was actually a lot of flooding before we even came to Louisiana, and so the tools are piled in the bays under the bus.  It’s a pretty bus, and things are progressing nicely. Soon it will be home for me and my family, and home is starting to sound really good. When you travel the world, you need one safe place where you know you can get away from the crowds, the noise, and the business. You just need a sanctum of solitude: home.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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