So, this was the bus when we came to Freedom Mission, (I told you about Freedom in the last post). 

Not only are lives changed at Freedom Mission, but everything those lives touch is changed as well. Below is a picture of the bus after Freedom; and in just 4 days, look what God…and a little elbow grease has done. 


The base floor is completely finished, the wall have been put in as well as the middle section of the ceiling. Not only inside, but there was much accomplished on the outside as well.

It’s amazing what God can do with willing hearts and skilled hands. These guys are awesome! A missionary friend of ours had the brilliant suggestion that the guys who helped build the bus sign the floor they put in. Now, even if it’s covered over, these guys and their work will always be with us wherever we go. Freedom will always be a part of that bus. The bus was signed by the hands of the master builders just as it was given the stamp of approval from The Master Builder himself.

Even Bro. Wayne left his mark on our bus, much in the same way he has left his mark on our lives.  The progress made at Freedom is a blessing to my family and our ministry. It was great working with the guys of Freedom, and so much was accomplished during our time there. I pray God blesses those men for their investment into His work, and that He blesses the ministry of Freedom to help more men and women find their way to Him.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist 

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