Freedom Baptist Church, (or Freedom Mission), is a Christian rehabilitation center for recovering addicts. Freedom Mission is located in Logansport, LA and run by a man named Wayne Jones. Bro. Wayne, as we call him, is the southern, grandfatherly type, but he was also once a pretty bad dude like the guys and gals who come through the mission. He can relate to them, but more importantly, he knows how to handle them and how they think; he is the best person to help them mend their ways and he is a powerful man of God.
Every year in March, Freedom has revival for 4 days. For the past 19 years my family has been coming to sing at this revival and partner with the ministry of Bill Britt. Bro. Bill is an evangelist who has been preaching revivals at Freedom almost as many years as we have been singing them. It’s always a powerful and spiritual time for our family, that’s why we keep coming back. Freedom is one of our favorite places to be; and though it is not a gold mine of money for us, we are always taken care of.
Bro. Wayne found the cure for his life, the only thing that could set him straight: the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. He is now giving that to the folks at Freedom. Before every meal at Freedom Mission, and even when our family and Bro. Bill go out to eat with Bro. Wayne, everyone has to say a Bible verse before they eat. It’s a tradition, and it’s a constant practice at Freedom Mission. Even if there are those who only ever say “Jesus wept” every time, they are still hearing and speaking the Word of God everyday, at least three times a day.
Freedom’s Bible Conference, (which is what they call the revival), is a time of invigoration for my family. All year long we are the ministers, allowing God to use us to provide a blessing to others. At Bible Conference we are ministered to. 

It’s a refreshing and revitalizing time. It’s a place where we get the opportunity to really change lives and see lives changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. And I’ll tell you this: you will never find nicer, more sweet-spirited people than those at Freedom Mission who are in the program because they want to be.
Some of them are there because it was a choice between Freedom and prison. Some are there because their family sent them there, and some are there because the truly want help… They want freedom, and they find it here. No one pays a dime to be at Freedom, and they work to earn their keep: in the garden, on the upkeep of the Mission, and doing odd jobs for Bro. Wayne and other. Freedom survives on the donations and support of local churches and businesses.

It’s a blessing to know that we can find Freedom from this life and its snares and addictions. Freedom in Christ. Freedom Mission has become a part of our lives. Freedom has become a part of our lives. There was never a more glorious thing to ever be heard or ever be seen, than a life lost in darkness to be set free.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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