We are born, we live, we die. Those are the facts of life. They are absolutes. Even in the rapture, the physical body dies and the mortal transcends the barrier of eternity.

We see the here and now, we live in our present circumstances. We are a piece on the board game of life. We can’t see the end result of our journey, but God can. God orchestrates the movements of men, He sees the end result.

We are humans, made of atoms, born of dust, spirit, soul, and body, doomed to die, doomed to live in death. We exist, we live, we die, what else is there? Nothing… For a sinner, for a human being, death is the ending. We cannot see beyond, we do not know tomorrow, we don’t even know the next second. Our eyes have limits, our mind has limits, we can only see what we can see. 

God: He exists, He is, He was, He will be. Infinite, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, above all, in all, through all, before time, He is. God can see beyond. His eyes are without limits, His mind has no limits. He can see what is to come. The future belongs to the one who sees the ending. What is yours? Where will you end up, what will be the result of your existence?

Here it is, the secret of life: where you are will determine where you will be. What you do now will define who you are, and how you will live out your life. So, live your future now, and your horizon may be glimpsed through the eyes of faith. Trust God with your future and you may find that He gives you a brighter vision, a longer line of sight. When you trust, when you live now, when you look ahead in faith, you can see the prize, the finish line, the ending.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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