Princess Cut is a relatively new Christian film made by Watchman Films and directed by Paul Munger. The film is centered around the life of Grace, a young Carolina girl in her 20’s who has issues with her “love life”. Grace is the stereotypical, “play the field” kind of girl. She is easily attached to men and is weak-willed against charm and allurement. She takes a few hard knocks and decides to give up the whole “dating thing”, but… She finds that she can’t. Falling prey to the designs of a young coffee bartender, she is again ensnared in an emotional prison.

This story is one that resonates well with young people, but also with some single adults who just haven’t found Mr. or Mrs. Right yet. It’s a story of a girl who longs to be loved, but searches for love in the arms of men. The arms of men may be strong, but you can’t always count on them to be there to catch you; Grace found this out the hard way.

How it Got its Name:

A Princess Cut is a specific cut of diamond used in making jewelry, particularly rings. Princess Cut is the second most popular diamond cut next to the Round Brilliant. In the case of the film, Princess Cut symbolizes the stability and security of marriage for giving your love to someone who will keep it and cherish it. 

The Intended Worldview:

All Grace wanted was to be wanted and feel safe and right before God, her parents, and herself. She trusted in the Princess Cut to give her the peace and security of a love that stays; but she pursued that love in her own way and by her own wisdom. The movie was about trusting your parents with your heart, and pursuing God’s love rather than man’s love. A wedding ring is a worldly symbol of commitment and possession; when you wear a wedding ring it means you belong to the other person and they belong to you until death parts one from the other. At least… That’s what it should mean. 

The Hidden Worldview:

To trust in a wedding ring, to desire that ring above all else, to seek and pursue that ring in our own strength is robbing God of His glory. God has the ultimate chance to bring glory to Himself through providing for us the perfect person to spend our lives with. When we try to bring this perfect plan about on our own, we fail and mess up everything. God’s perfect plan for marriage includes Him being the biggest part of both of the individuals lives; and when they can understand who Love is, they can then show love to each other.

God is love, so why do lovers seek after the world. God is the opposite of the world. God is righteousness the world is sinful, God is just, the world is cruel, God is love, the world is hate. 


Okay, so I’m a little biased because I knew so many people in this film, and knew of many others. But, Dan Stibral and Torry Martin were amazing. The comedy angle they brought to the film helped break up the drama and refocus the audience to the point and purpose of the movie. The filmmakers took on a hard topic and one many people struggle with, and they nailed it. Sure, the acting may have been a tad spotty here and there, and the movie may drag a little if you’re not a drama and love story enthusiast: but it’s a great film with a great message. I highly recommend you see it.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist 

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