Therefore, behold, I will hedge up thy way with thorns, and make a wall, that she shall not find her paths.

–Hosea 2:6

The book of Hosea is about a life God uses to illustrate His relationship with Israel. Hosea was called of God to take a whore as his wife. A woman who lived in that lifestyle was chosen as Hosea’s Israel. Just as this woman went whoring after men, Israel had gone whoring after other gods and idols. God used this man, called him to redeem a woman out of a lifestyle for His purposes and His glory. However, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. In spite of Hosea’s love, the woman returned again and again to her evil. She kept rejecting love and compassion, clinging to lusts of the flesh.  Today we’re in Louisiana, I’m admiring the landscapes and I see swamp, bog, and thicket. And though they are beautiful swamps, bogs, and thickets, they are all major detergents of travel. They keep us from getting through to the other side. God says that He will block the way of this woman so that she cannot find her path to continue in her sin. 

That put me in mind, not all things that slow us down and stop of us from getting where we are going are bad. Most often, God uses these deterrents to steer us away from what we shouldn’t be doing. God protects us by inhibiting our attempts to chase after evil desires. It’s easy for us to get lost in the thicket, off the path to our evil wants. In fact, sometimes it’s better for us to get lost, lose our way. God loves us enough to withhold from us what we desire. Like I said before, God doesn’t want you to be happy. Happiness is emotions based and can be felt in doing evil as well as good, but it doesn’t last. God wants you to be joyful, and joy only comes from Him.

God helps us lose our way, because when we’re lost, nothing looks familiar, the territory is such as we have never seen before: new and a little scary. But if our surroundings were previously wickedness, lewdness, and whoredom after other gods, a change of scenery to a place we don’t know is a good thing. God sometimes has to get us lost, so He can show us the way out: not of just where we are, but of where we came from, and where we were going.

God doesn’t save found people, He saves lost people. So if you’re lost… There is a reason for it. You can look to the only way out, or you can wander deeper into the darkness. The thicket, the thorns, the mud, the slime, the dank, and the dark is all there to prevent you from making the wrong choice and continuing on your current path. We need to realize that the trial is what we need even if it’s not what we want. Think about the purpose of your pain, the logic of your lostness, and the meaning of your life. God wants you to be found.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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