This is what the inside of the bus looks like currently. This is where we start our building project. It’s not much to look at, but it’s a whole lot to work with.

Day Two:

These pictures are from day one, (yesterday), but today is the second day of work on the new bus. Yesterday we layed the groundwork, literally. Yesterday was all about ripping out the old, rotted floor so that we could lay down the new floor. However, when I say “floor”, I really mean the plywood surface upon which the floor will be built.

When we got there, the original wood flooring was covered with a thick material cover and looked something like this:  

 However, once we cut and peeled that back and got underneath to the wood, it was rotted to splinters. So we took hammers and tore the front floor to pieces. During which, it looked something like this:  
 It took a long while to rip all of the bad wood out and find the bolts and such, then remove them. It was almost perfect, the front boards were rotted and we could’ve just removed them. But the rot had spread to the edge of boards farther back, this required the use of a buzz saw. 

But, after the major destruction was done, cleanup began. The front is no longer rotten, neither is it piled with splinters and chunks of wood. It actually looks a lot more like this:  

 all cleaned up and ready for the plywood to be layed down. This will be done today, because we ran out of time yesterday. This is the bus. This is the work. I’ll keep you updated with pictures and posts, stayed tuned for a crazy, bus building adventure!

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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  1. In the interim, how are you traveling?
    Will the bus stay in one place until it is completed?
    I’m curious about the logistics, because I’m sure that it must be a difficult process.
    I pray all goes well.

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