Back in The Flash–as we have come to call our red, Ford Expedition– and on our way to New Mexico. We have only sang in New Mexico once, and the only way I can think to describe it to you is that it is Mexico…but newer.  

New Mexico Facts:

Statehood– January 9, 1912 (New Mexico is the 47th state of the Union)

Capitol– Santa Fe

Largest City– Albuquerque 

Nickname– “Land of Enchanment”

Population– 2,850,109(est. 2015)

State Bird– Greater Roadrunner

State Flower– Yucca

We get to see a lot of land in our travels. New Mexico is just a taste of the beauty God has created. Though most of it is desert, we find different shades of beauty in different places. But all creation is beautiful to the Christian who truly loves the Creator.

Like I said, we sing in New Mexico tonight, Las Cruces to be exact. It’s always a bit…scary, honestly when we sing at place that we’ve never been before. This is a relatively new state, a place we’ve only been once before. However, this time we are again one member short. Dad is in Virginia and thus we are doing tonight’s concert, and several successive concerts, without him. I think we calculated that after this current week we will have gone an entire month without all of our members there for a concert. 

It been wild: sickness, the bus, trips to visit family, and more sickness has deprived us of our normal concert routine. We’ve not just stepped out of our comfort zone, we have been living outside of it since the bus wreck. Now, headed to New Mexico where we’ve only been one time and without Dad this time, we are further stepping into uncomfortable territory. But, perhaps this is where God challenges us and grows us. Maybe this is where we need to be, even though it’s not where we want to be.

Things change, scenery changes. A new state of the U.S. a new state of mind. As the road winds ever onward, we watch the world change around us. But, let us not be changed by the changes around us. Let us be changed by the Holy Spirit working in us. Change from God always come from within, never from without. But, on that same note, God loves to use our circumstances to change our hearts and our minds, then the Holy Spirit’s regenerating work can take place in us.

Be sensitive to your situation and allow God to use it to change you from within. I say this often: we can use our trials or we can abuse them. Don’t let your pain, or discomfort, your situation be for nothing, let it be used to make you better.

Hello New Mexico! I’m excited to see how God will use you.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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