I realize the title is somewhat ambiguous, and had the movie another name I would’ve used it. However, this movie, (Sherlock Holmes), is the one that starred Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. I must say, the main character felt much more like Sherlock Holmes than did the portrayal in “Mr. Holmes”. Albeit, it was likely due to the contrast of characters that Downey looked like Holmes, nevertheless, this older film was more in the spirit of the original stories.

Regardless of time setting, filmography, and characters, the story of “Sherlock Holmes” was much better. What we knew we could count on in the old stories of Conan Doyle was outlandish plots, ingenious villains, and some impending danger only Holmes could prevent. In this film, Holmes delivers. However, It felt a little like Ironman was playing Holmes, and the story at large was more action oriented than the Holmes we knew and loved.

As with all of the original stories, if it came to a crisis of morals, Holmes takes the high road. Now, in some ways, Holmes fails this last test. What we all knew of him was that he partook of tobacco and alcohol knowing it was bad for him. The movie overplayed this and even employed cage fighting as it were to his character’s diversions from mental strain. This Holmes was simultaneously very different and exactly the same as the Holmes we grew up with and looked up to. He does have a few flaws. One major flaw is Irene Adler, who in the original stories was very much admired and respected by Holmes, but we are never given the impression that he is otherwise emotionally connected to her. In this movie it seems a romance of some deep and on-going sort exists between the two.

Though it wasn’t completely true to the story, there were no turn-off point in the film for me, it was a good enough representation of Holmes, and I even thought it quite contemporary of the filmmakers to embellish the character of Holmes.


Right wins in the end, logic emerges over myth. The facts come out in the end with an explanation for everything that happens. Holmes, though his lifestyle isn’t good or Christian, is our figure for good. In the end, friendships are reconciled and restored, the villain is appropriately punished for his evil: it’s a classic Sherlock film. Our characters could’ve been better placed, Holmes could’ve been more stand-up and walked away a few times from inappropriate situations, (many of which I avoided seeing thanks to the filter through which I watched this film). But, he walks away in the end, though, in this film he truly loves the woman, she is a criminal and would ruin his reputation, his life, his credibility, and his occupation which means everything to him. Holmes enjoys a mystery, he enjoys helping people, and all other feelings to him are pointless and fruitless.

We should be more like Holmes, whose purpose for existing was to help others, whether directly or indirectly, and thereby make the world a better and safer place. Sherlock Holmes is a classic hero, and this film honors that about him. As far as the worldview of the film goes, this movie was a good film; perhaps not any better than good, but it was good nonetheless.

Again, I watched this film through an online filter that cleared away all of the garbage from before my eyes and ears. However, as far as the content of this movie goes, outside of all the things for which I needed the filter, it wasn’t a half bad movie. My perception of it may have been tainted by the comparison of the movie “Mr. Holmes”.  I didn’t hate this film at all. If you’re wanting to watch it, make sure you protect your mind and heart by using a filter or guardian: VidAngel is a great resource to check out if you’re interested.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist


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