It’s not the most original title, but it fits rather well with my lack of real theme. This post wasn’t meant to have a certain meaning or purpose. This post is just me being me, hopefully proving that everything is as it once was. However, it has yet to be determined which once that was that this is will be.

Now, I’m likely preparing myself for Movie Review Monday as you’re reading this post. Bloggers write in SBT(Standard Blogging Time), it’s an obscure time zone that magically allows us to not actually be writing as you are reading. But, MRM: what traditionally is done to prepare for a movie review is… Well, nothing. In fact, the charm of Movie Review Monday is in the very spontaneity of it.

I’m considering reviewing “Mr. Holmes”, and by considering I mean that I have decided upon doing so. However, if you have any suggestions, I do take request. But, I’ve always been a fan of Sherlock Holmes. I read the complete collection of Arthur Conon Doyle’s works on Holmes twice, all the way through before I was twelve. It was rough because I was a shrimp of a kid and not much for muscle, and that book weighed like 40 pounds. So, I’d laying on my bunk, holding it above me so I could see the pages in the dim light. Every 6 or 7 sentences I’d have to take it down and give my arms a break.

When you have a problem like that, you always try to find a different angle. So I tried a dozen different positions, some were more effective than others, but they all eventual wore me down. I ended up putting the different positions into a rotation so that different parts of my arms got tired at different times; that way I could read longer. No one ever said reading was easy.

That’s where me and Sherlock first became pals, and I’m excited to see how this new film turns out. 

Today was better. Most of the family has gotten sick, gotten over it, or is warding it off with whatever medicines they can. Everyone is beginning to feel better, so that’s good. Life may be coming back around for us, who knows?
As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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