Today is Wednesday, meaning that you’re reading this on Thursday, that’s just how this blog thing works. Today, I will be writing at intervals with a veritable play-by-play of an atypical Wednesday in the life of Jared Allen.


I woke up and dismounted the blow-up mattress by the door of the Cash’s house, (the friends house that we’re staying at while in Arizona), walked to the kitchen and found a pan of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls on the stove virtually untouched. After praising God for His goodness and favor toward mankind, I immediately thought, “Bacon!”. This epiphany led to me locating a skillet, opening the bacon package, and making the house smell good with its sizzling aroma.


Good friends brought lunch to the house which we ate, after which I obtained the hair cutting box and trimmed my own hair in the bathroom to avoid having to go to Walmart to get a haircut. (Those people are dangerous with a razor!) Here I am now, typing on my computer whilst intermittently attending to Christian’s school work, math to be precise. Tonight is Church and hopefully I will find some inspiration with which to close out this post. Until then, we’ll just see how the day goes.


Danielle, myself, and Josh, (because I still don’t have a license. I know, I’m 19, but it’s not like there’s a ton of opprtunities for practice… And there’s only so many hours in the day), decide to drive to Walmart and pick up a few nesseccities for our time when Mom and Dad are gone. Things like: Dr. Pepper, Cookies and Cream ice cream, and fresh fruit were soon added to the cart. The drive back was only a mile but ended up taking a considerable amount of time, mainly because it takes a few times of missing your turn before you decide to try a different aproach, (EX: drive further up, make a U-turn, drive back, turn in). We made it back safe and will probably bum around for the next 3 hours.


I start playing Bombsquad and invite Zach. Christian, and our friend’s little boy Dylan(8-years-old), beg to play also. After ten minutes they join in. I win 5 matches in a row and get tired of the yelling and screaming that the game induces, which was amplified due to the fact that I was sitting in a recliner and both of the younger boy’s mouths were inches behind my ears. 

We recieved news that the bus had not met up with Dad yet, and that he booked another night at the hotel in case. He can’t get in touch with the drivers, and is just waiting… Anyway, we’ll see how it turns out.


We are in the car, driving back to the house after the service. 

Today I realized by placing my blog on a sort of schedule, and therefore placing my life on a schedule: time is not my enemy. Time without purpose is my enemy. So, what do I need to do? Well, to start I can live by a self-imposed schedule of ordeals. I need to subject myself to inordinate intakes of the Word of God. I need to enter into arduous hours of prayer. I need to deny myself, my desires and let God take the void of time in my life and fill it with Himself. I want God to take the emptiness in my existence… I want to change.

This post has been good for me. It taught me to hope as I had scarcely allowed myself to hope before; and though the day isn’t over quite yet, there is little left in it to interest you. Tomorrow comes early for me, so I shall bid you good day. This has been a Wednesday in the life of me.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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