I didn’t want to review this film, and after I had reviewed it, I didn’t want to post the review; mostly, because this film is… Well-, stupid. However, I was caught off guard this Monday and had nothing in que to review this week: hence Chipmunks.

“Alvin and the Chipmunks” was possibly one of the first films to bring one of the old cartoon series back to life on the “Big Screen”. It starts off feeling very “Air Bud” from the music in the opening sequence, then ruins it with the cheesiness of Dave. For some reason, Jason Lee just doesn’t feel like Dave. Maybe it’s his voice that sounds like he’s speaking through a cloth. Or maybe it’s his goofiness beyond all reason. As Dave, but also as a real person in this story, Jason Lee does not work.
Also, the Chipmunks know what garbage cans, muffins, and cheese balls are, but they don’t know what a kitchen is. I mean, sure, stay in the grand tradition of the old series and make them idiot geniuses, but they forfeited that with the new concept and storyline.

This movie pairs cuteness, with crass crudeness. It’s sad that they couldn’t preserve the part of the Chipmunks we loved the most: their innocence. They were funny because they were so ignorant of the world and how it worked, yet it seemed the world worked for them. The beauty of the original story was that it built the world around the Chipmunks, it didn’t try to fit them into the world.

Just to let you know how well I was enjoying the movie, the snacks were gone in the first ten minutes. It’s just that, the movie tries so hard to have some heart. Whether in Dave’s relationship with the Chipmunks, or his love life, it tries desperately to show some kind of heart that is just not there.

This movie is beyond stupid… But what was the message?

Well, to start, they tried to say that family was more important than anything… Even that was messed up because the family wasn’t even a family to begin with. It’s almost ridiculous to even review this film because it is so completely stupid on every single level. It begins so hopeful for a reliving of the Chipmunks, and ends with you hating yourself for watching it.

There was no message, the worldview was actually decent despite the story, and the acting was… So, if you were thinking about watching the 4th Alvin and the Chipmunks, don’t. I can promise you that it will be worse than the first.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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