The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
-Jeremiah 17:9

I can’t be positive, but I think this passage was written with young teens and middle schoolers in mind. 

Why do twelve-year-olds have girlfriends? A better question might be: why do twelve-year-olds have girlfriends and I don’t? I’m totally kidding. But, it is true that the younger kids get everything before me: girlfriends, my nephew got a pair of converse shoes before me; and he’s 2!The list goes on…

Seriously now, why are young kids in “relationships”? When did this become normal, but also, how and why is this happening to the world and will we survive middle school romance? There comes a time in every young girl’s life when she starts to look at young men differently. This is also true of the young men beginning to see young ladies differently, but God must love a good joke, because this happens at a different age. It is so perfectly timed, that girls begin to “like” guys, approximately 3 years before guys begin to truly like girls.

This creates many awkward situations, as you may have witnessed. However, every so often, two freaks of nature will view each other as “boyfriend and girlfriend”, at 12 years of age. Now, I don’t know if there is even feelings on either side or if they just do it because they see us older kids doing it, but something is seriously wrong with this. 

First off, how is a twelve-year-old kid supposed to be expected to know what they feel, how they feel, if they feel, and how to respond to those feelings? The heart is deceitful, desperately wicked, and bent on the destruction of every father’s peaceful life. Middle school romances ruin life for the rest of us who have to sit around and hear about them.

Feelings are treacherous, the heart is an enemy, and overall, I’m sick to death, (well, maybe not quite), of love. Our hearts can think of nothing but selfish desires and wants.

Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.
-James 4:3

We are beings of passion, and it gets us into trouble more often than not. If we learn to harness our feelings, our fire and passions, we are capable of great things. But, if we waste our passion and fall into something stupid like love at a young age, we get hurt. Love isn’t meant to be understood: God is love. He will give you love at the right time, for the right one. Wait. 

That was disjointed and rough, but it’s all I’ve got for today. As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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