This is summary of everything I’ve posted thus far about the accident with the bus, living without the bus, and the situation with obtaining a new bus. Yes, it will be targeted primarily toward those reading from my family’s Facebook following who have yet to discover my blog. So, if you see several links to other posts and information that you’ve seen, it’s all part of the plan. Hey, even if you’ve already read most of this information, there will be some that you have not, and very recent updates as well. Here goes.Alright, so, in November of last year, the bus got into a slight wreck, a fender-bender really. We were on a two lane, rural road and the guy in the truck in front of us was lost. He saw a turn late, and stopped abruptly to pull over and find out where he was. Well, he stopped too quickly and oncoming traffic didn’t allow him to turn as quickly. Dad knew the bus couldn’t stop in time, and pulled into the left lane to avoid a collision, because to pull right would land us in a ditch. Well, the fellow was turning left and we caught the left corner of his truck with the front, right corner of our bus doing about 15 mph.

Long story short, we limped to the next concert and made do until a driver from a shop in Wisconsin could fly down to where we were to pick the bus up. Now, the costs of repairs were insanely high due to the fact that the parts for the bus are no longer manufactured. 60,000+ dollars wasn’t worth it to us or the insurance company, so they totaled it.

We are officially homeless. For months now we have been living out of hotels and friends houses, just getting by and making it from one concert to the next. Now, down to the news part: what are we going to do? Well, we have a bus in Virginia that we are attempting to purchase, but things keep happening to halt that process.

We have been having trouble with insurance companies and whatnot, but the short of it is that we do not have the bus yet, but are attempting to get it. The bus we are looking to get is a shell and ready to convert into a home, however, there is literally nothing inside of this shell. We will basically be building a house to go inside of our bus, building it as we travel. This isn’t the first time this has happened, but it isn’t where any of us saw our family being on our 20th ministry anniversary year.

It’s going to be crazy, but extremely fun. I’ll be keeping you updated as we go along, and you can read all about everything that has been happening in further detail in my posts: “The Bus Wreck Story“, “Homeless For The Holidays“, and “Life Happens“.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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