Mom and Dad get back today. We have survived without them in Florida for the last 10 days, and are now traveling to Louisiana for a concert this evening.

We stayed with our adopted Grandparents for the ten days that Mom and Dad were in Uganda, and only had to perform one concert without them; that concert was yesterday morning. It’s definitely a different dimension to sing without the extra two balancing voices of our group. Without Mom and Dad we have one alto, one soprano, a bass, and two leads, (sometimes three), so the adjustment of volumes for parts is more difficult for the sound guy, (me). 

It’s also been different to sing parts and verses of songs that we’ve never, or have very rarely, sang in concert. There is an adjustment for our concerts, but it’s also an adjustment to live without the managers of the family. Most of us are capable of looking out for ourselves, but very few have the awareness and frame of mind to take initiative and look out for the others. Without a set force to take measure and set the rules and plans, a loose schedule is adopted and followed even looser. 

Not many of us children are yet old enough to be self-motivated for the sake of keeping food on the table and clothes on our backs. We’ve never had to worry about certain things; but now that we’re on our own, so to speak, we get to really experience, at the very least in a small portion, what life is like.

It’s been a rude awakening, and by that I mean we slept in ’til all hours of the afternoon, and stayed up late doing… Really nothing. Well, I say that, but Josh was able to edit a music video he filmed, and I signed contracts with a publishing company to get my first project in your hands! It’s been productive, but perhaps we could’ve utilized our time better and more efficiently with someone giving commands and knowing what is needed to be accomplished. 

It’s been fun, it’s been wild, but it’s about to end, then life goes back to normal… Haha, well I say normal; really, normal for us is just crazy and bizarre. But our parents return today and a bit of balance will return with them. 

The bus that we are intent on purchasing is a shell that we will have to build as we travel in it, and things will fall into place rapidly once Mom and Dad hit the ground in the US today. It’s going to be a wild ride and I’ll keep you posted.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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