A song was introduced to me a year or so ago by the group Brian Free & Assurance that has rocked the way I view my witness. It was simply titled “Unashamed”, and that simplicity has left a powerful impact on me. It helped that BF&A was already one of my favorite groups, all of the guys are great friends and have a genuine heart for the ministry to which they have been called, nevertheless, this is a song worth hearing more.

Every time I hear the lyric line: “Even though it costs me everything, it’s a price I’ll gladly pay”, I am convicted of my selfishness and comfortable life. Not that comfort is evil, but if our ministry suffers from our comfortable life, that life should be gotten rid of. Not to say that we can’t use comfort to witness, but if that comfort gets in the way of our witness, we do not deserve to have it any longer.

I’m not going to drag this post out with babble and needless words. Listen to the song, let it challenge and move you, and then ask God how you can better serve Him and send His message to the world. Also, look up more songs from this group, they’re always on point with their messages and they bless me every time.

As always, thanks for reading, and watching.

–the anonymous novelist

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