Here we go, keeping the sequels going with Cap 2- Winter Soldier.


I watched this before Monday. Thus, I’ve had a longer time to evaluate it. I must say, this movie is a lot simpler than The Hobbit movies to review.

Well, here we go. Cap starts it off by showing us a superhero side of himself, which in the first movie was just a superhuman side. He truly belongs in the Marvel world in this movie. However, as I’ve always felt… Cap is the persona of true American morality. So why is he cursing? He is a religious man, every true American should be, why is he cursing his God and fellow man? (Strike 1 for the Cap)

Again, I watch these films, (the first and second), through a filter, so as not to dirty my mind and corrupt my spirit with the foul language or indecent scenes and elements. But, even with a filter, you can tell when a word is cut out.


“If we are undone we are undone from within…” –Memucan 

What do you do when the corrupt government corrupts against itself? 

Nick Fury was trying to police every move of the people of the world and was taken out for an even more corrupt plan by his own organization. This then had to be dealt with by the only person who is seemingly incapable of being corrupt: Captain America. (Score 1 for the Cap)

“The truth is a matter of circumstances, it’s not all things to all people all of the time.” –Black Widow

This is the heart of what Captain America is fighting against, that truth and right change with the times. Cap is a rock, he doesn’t change, though everything else does around him; we see that in this movie as he emerges the same man 70 years into the future.


The right hand man of the first film is behind the evil plot in the second. Hydra has resurected. Removing freedom by war didn’t work, so removing it by peace was the only alternative. When we stop fighting, we surrender our freedom. When we become satisfied with other people making our choices, living our lives, we’ve lost sight of what life is: a choice.

Favorite line:
“Don’t look at me. I do what he does, just slower.” –Falcon

That’s what we should be saying as Christians. We should be so much like Jesus that we can say when asked, “Don’t look at me. I do what he does, just slower.”

Also, in this movie, we finally see Captain America become a captain. In this movie, the guy who thinks he has it all together, (Nick Fury), loses it all and ends up turning to the one who is always right and has the only solution, (Captain America). It may be nothing, but it’s an interesting parallel to draw. (Score 2 for the Cap)

In the end, we see the intended message of the film: love conquers all. The love for his friend was such that he would give his life for him, or, in this case, allow his friend to take his life. He loved him to death, and nothing could’ve stopped Steven Rodgers from loving his friend Buckey… But how selfish can you get…

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  —John 15:13

However, Captain America hesitated, he choked because it was his friend. Sure, deep inside he felt that Buckey wasn’t himself. Sure, he didn’t want to hurt his friend, but really…?

“Greater selfishness hath no man than this, that a man jeapordize the lives of his friends to save his conscience.” —Jared Allen

The Captain of America, the embodiment of our country and its best interests, risks the lives of hundreds of millions of people for the life of one man. What? If he survived, how would he ever live with himself. Sure, it looked like he gave his all in the final fight, but he was holding back; he never went for the kill. When he had Buckey down he didn’t make sure that he’d stay down. In reality, he didn’t risk his life to save Buckey, he risked the lives of millions to save himself from the guilt of seriously injuring his friend. Sure everything turned out all right, but this selfishness is not the Cap we know and love. (Strike 2 for the Cap)

Really though, why is he worried? The freak that is Buckey survived an obscenely far fall into a snowy, cliff embankment. If he fell from one of the missile targeting pads into the water below, it couldn’t be much worse than that. The point is, the defender of freedom risked the freedom of all for the salvation of one… This is not Captain America, this is not who he is. In terms of worldview, Cap failed the test. His mission was to protect the people of America and he nearly killed them. 

Nick Fury failed the test, allowing power to corrupt him. He became that which he set out to destroy.

Black Widow failed the test, believing that truth is not a constant she was tossed on the wind wherever she went; never trusting, never secure. 

When everything fell in on itself, Cap was the only one they all knew they could trust, and he let them down. You can say, “All’s well that ends well”, but it really isn’t. Cap let us all down this time. (Strike 3 Cap, you’re out. Better luck next time)

I’m interested to see how he justifies further rebelling against the country in defense of his friend in the 3rd movie. What will he risk, whose life will he put on the line that doesn’t have the right to. Really, a poorly played out character in this movie, and the Cap fans will hate me, but I liked the first one better.

As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to watch movies with your eyes open.

–the anonymous novelist

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