This is a mixture of David Platt’s book “Radical”, and the Home Free adaptation of a Hunter Hayes song. I quantified that with Home Free because I don’t, and won’t listen to Hunter Hayes himself: sharp songs but a sloppy, kid-like voice, he drives me nuts.

The point of the song, “I Want Crazy”, is about a guy who isn’t satisfied with a lazy love. He wants a love that is so crazy that you can’t sleep, can’t breath without the other person there with you. But, applying that to Christians–if you know anything about me at all, you know that everything applies to Christians–, we direct our love to God. More than a fleeting, and therefore pointless fleshly desire that is both primal and developed by experience and exposure of our emotions, true love–love that compels us to look like idiots, dive off of cliffs, and stay up late just to be with someone–, is crazy. 

Really, love that is real and worth anything at all, it is crazy. What is love… Who cares? That doesn’t concern us right now. We’re not talking about just love, because to properly define love, you must study the aftermath, the effects of it. Love is defined by how it defines us. What is it about love that shapes and conforms everyone it touches in some way?

Be it lasting or superficial, all love leaves marks on everyone it touches. Because whether we choose to embrace or shun love, it affects us. So, how we love affects others, and how we respond to love affects our own selves. Now down to the real topic: how you love affects how you live.

We know we are to love God, and as a result of that, love others; but do we settle for a mediocre love? Do we want a crazy love? A desire to only live as long as God is by our side and with us? What kind of love do you have, and how does that love affect the way you love your life?

The song says, “I don’t want good, and I don’t want good enough…”, are we settling for just a good relationship with God?

With what kind of love do we love God? Well, I can tell you that you’ll never get it right. Even the Christian who does everything by the Book doesn’t have it all together and misses the mark sometimes. You can’t get it right; you can’t love God perfectly. What God wants from you is not perfection, its commitment: totally, radical, crazy commitment. I don’t know about you, but I want crazy.

Short thoughts for Monday… But I’ve got a movie to watch and review today. Coming up tomorrow, Captain America 2- Winter Soldier. 

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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