There is something I want all Christians to realize: cursing someone or something is a prayer to God to condemn someone. A curse word is as much profanity against God as the use of His name in vain.
God is the only person with power to send someone to Hell, so when someone tells someone else to go there, they’re asking God to send them there. Jesus Christ bled and died on a cross so that no man should be condemned. How can we pray to God for the eternal torment of His creation? We are spitting in the face of God with our profanity.

Profanity is the most thoughtless sin. Even when you kill someone, you at least get revenge. Even when you steal something, you at least get the thing you stole. But what do you get for profanity? Nothing. It’s an inexcusable sin.

-Adrian Rodgers

Christian take the name of Christ in vain almost everyday. Because hypocrisy when invoking the name or committing to do something by the name of God, is profanity against Him: taking His name in hypocrisy.

To tell someone “God bless you”, if you don’t really mean it, if it’s not a sincere prayer from your heart, is a callous and vain use of God’s name. This is as much what we would call “swearing”, as the kind of swearing that movies get rated for.

We’ve become all too careless about this cursing thing, we have become, (and… Cue my least favorite word:), desensitized to it.

Why is it my least favorite word? Because it’s always used as a big cop-out. It isn’t an excuse, it’s a condition. I’ve had dear friends of mine refuse to even consider that there is wrong in movies and music with cursing simply because they say it doesn’t bother them: they’ve been, (here’s that cop-out word), desensitized to it.

Basically when someone says they are desensitized, they are condemning themself and their actions. Others terms for desensitization are backsliding, falling away, or growing cold. To say we are desensitized to the cursing and misuse of our God’s name is the worst degradation to our faith and witness. 

We take God’s name in vain without even realizing it, I’m not so much aggressively onto people for that. But to willfully enter a movie theater where you know the film will containing multiple actors who swear by and against your God in vanity, curse His creation, and attempt to invoke His power for their own hate and revenge… I cannot and will not ever understand it. How can we be such hypocrites? How can we call ourselves Christians and not defend our God against attacks on His name?

Let me put it this way: if you had a friend, and people were always picking on them, making fun of them, and putting them down, would you join in? Would you stand by and let it happen? Would you purposefully go into a place where you knew they would be laughing at and jeering that person? What kind of friend would you be if you didn’t stick up for them?

Here’s another hypothetical: you’re a warrior of a great King, and enemies of that king curse His name and kingdom, they launch a siege against His house and His people. Do you allow them to mock and taunt? Do you sit on your sword and listen to their curses? Or do you take up your weapon and defend your king whom you were called and accepted the call to serve ’til death?

Last analogy, then I’ll close: suppose someone you didn’t know but to whom you owed a lot of money took a pen and scratched your debt off His list. Then paid your debt out of His own pocket, though it cost Him everything He had. That person gave you a grace you didn’t deserve. Now people slander Him, make fun of Him, and use His name as a curse against others. Would you let them talk that way about a person you knew was kind and good? Would you allow your savior who forgave your debt out of love for you to be trash talked and jeered at? 

Every callous use of His name is a slap to the face of God. Why do we not revere and respect the God who could with one thought erase us from time and space? Why do we not defend the God who gave His life to redeem our mistakes and blatant sins? Why do we seek out the cursing of and vain use of our God’s name in our entertainment?

Maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps He doesn’t mind. Or maybe we’ve just been desensitized to sin. I mean, why would the God even think it was important enough a rule to list with “don’t kill”, and “don’t commit adultery”? It’s really no big deal right? Or is it..

As always, thanks for reading, and please, for Heaven’s sake, (the sake of His kingdom), think; just think.

–the anonymous novelist

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