Want a sure-fire way to go to Hell? Always looking for that ultimate, end-all of sins? Well, here is your answer: introducing the one and only sin that can send you to Hell, “The Condemning Sin”. 

Sin always has a nice sales pitch, it’s always appealing to us; and sometimes we use that as an excuse: “I couldn’t help it”, or the ever popular, “the devil made me do it”. Which are extremes, but have a thread of validity. We can say that the temptation was too great for us, but that falls back on our own heads; the temptation was strong because we had not the power to easily resist it. 

The power of God comes from a close relationship with Him and a knowledge of His Word.
However, as easy as it may seem to pass the buck to Satan or someone else for other sins, there is one that we are indisputably responsible for. This is “The Condemning Sin”, the only sin that can send you to Hell. But, what is it? What could you possibly do that would cause God to send you to everlasting torment. 

Just to put this in perspective, think of being in a medieval torture chamber for infinity, or a nazi concentration camp for all eternity. 

Now, times that by one trillion and you will have a small taste of what Hell will be like for billions of people. The fire doesn’t hurt as bad as the thought of an eternity separated from Love, and joy, and praising, and music, and dancing, and life. 

Hell is not a place where you live through all eternity, it is a place where you die throughout eternity… I hate the thought of even Hitler, Stalin, Rameses, or any of the workers at Planned Parenthood, (yes, I put them in the same category because each of those people or organizations are responsible for the largest mass killings of children), going to Hell. It’s scary, and not much scares me. 

Hell should scare the living daylights out of every Christian in this beautiful planet. 

But even the mindless slaughter of infants…. Bear with me… This is hard for me to even imagine, much less write… The mindless slaughter of millions of babies is cruel; and hateful; and murderous, but it won’t send you to Hell. Really though, that’s about as close to it as you can get.

The only sin that will send you to Hell is the sin of refusing God’s free gift of salvation for your soul. To reject God until the Spirit stops pricking your heart is the only Sin that can send you to Hell. The first command of God is to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. To reject His love is a sin, to refuse to love God is the ultimate sin and leads to a life without God, which leads to every other sin.

In my opinion, the most stupid thing a person can do is to throw away their life… But, the most sinful thing they will ever do is throw someone else’s away: condemning them to death before they even had a chance to mess up. I can’t reconcile in my mind how any person could believe that before we’re born we are predestined to heaven, (or predestined to Hell, let’s keep it consistent), and yet can speak out against abortion. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, this is just my perception of predestination; but, it’s not as if, by their philosophy, that child’s life would’ve in any way affected their eternity.

That’s why I stress choice, and the God given free will to choose life or death, the world or Christ. You have to choose one day, and the sooner the better. He’s waiting for you; don’t reject His love. Choose Christ. 

As always, thanks for reading, I love you all and want you to make the right choices in life. 

–the anonymous novelist 

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