I’ve been doing Movie Review Monday now for the past several months, and feel that I should more implicitly expound the process by which I review movies. There is an art and a system to my movie reviews. They’re not just cut-and-dry, spontaneous thoughts, contemplative comments about the film, but actually follow an algorithm of sorts.

Before I did my first movie review, I made sure that I had an established worldview. This is a critical factor in assessing a movie’s quality or message. I first need to select from what position I am viewing the movie, and then determine through which lens of perspective I will relate what I have seen.

My mind is a factory of thought, in many ways it is more intelligent than I am myself. I believe the mind may really and truly opperate apart from the human will. Although all of the human functions exist in symbiosis, and all under the force of human will, I believe each function has a will and a mind of its own, so to speak.

I’ve shared this information in many of my posts, but just to keep it fresh in your mind: the heart is an intelligent organ that operates much in the same way as the brain. The heart gives arbitrary commands to parts of the body, and they obey those commands and perform actions according to the will of the heart.

Thus, using the heart as an example, we see that the brain isn’t our only intelligent organ. Our spirit is another factor. Linked to our conscience, the spirit voices it’s opinions based upon what it feels is the best choice for the body. The mind, heart, and other factions also, in their separate functions, look out for their areas of influence and suggest the choices that make the most sense to them.

In this way, you see that our body is composed of free-thinking elements that subsist under a single force of power, the human will.

My mind is a force to be reckoned with: unruly and often times godless and immoral, I have a daily battle to affix my worldview. This entails exerting my force of will over that of my own mind. This is one of the reasons for which I stand by the doctrine of “Free Will”, as far as it pertains to the voluntary choices of men. 

Addendum:I do not in any way advocate that there is any possible means of losing your salvation. If God has saved you, you accepted His free gift of grace, there is nothing you can do to lose that.

I do believe that God gave man a freedom of will, we find evidence of this free will in the constant struggle of man against himself. The flesh is our enemy, and the spirit is our weapon. In order to defeat the enemy of us, we need to die daily to our own will. Then every faction of thought and decision making inside of us will relinquish their control to the Holy Spirit.

We have been given the will, the freedom to fight our own battles within, or to give up the gauntlet to God Almighty to wage war for us. These factors: that God doesn’t force Man to a fate, but rather that Man chooses according to God’s plan and will, are pivotal. The choice between here and eternity effects our decisions, but it doesn’t make them for us. If we were ultimately destined to a Heaven or a Hell, there would be no reason for our existance. Without the chance to accept or deny Christ, we have no viable reason for living.

Those who are chosen will, and the damned will not. That is the philosophy behind the doctrines opposing “Free Will”. Yes, God has total control at all times, but to say that judgement is dealt before the crimes is committed is heresy against the only Righteous Judge who is infallible.

We are given the choice, life or death, blessings or curses, self or Christ, the world or Heaven, and this choice is one that only we can make… This choice shapes our worldview. This choice shapes our world. 

Well, I took this post somewhere I had not intended to. I will likely return to the Movie Review Mechanics later on. Don’t mistake me, this knowledge and information is vital to shaping your worldview and how you view everything, including movies. Are we the robots of God, or are we His loving children who choose to love Him willingly? Sure, if He is our father, there is an expectation to love Him, but love is a voluntary action, we choose to love or not to love. It all comes down to a choice.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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