A life in the mind of Jared Allen is interesting. Living inside of my own body is a strange experience when I look at life from the outside. For me, nothing is too absurd… nothing is too ridiculous. Having this perspective, the complexities of life don’t surprise or puzzle me. The absurdities of life, the minute details, the little things excite, perplex, and bewilder me.

This is the second in a trilogy of posts ideas derived from Facebook comments. Today’s is about the theory that nothing is too absurd. I wholeheartedly believe that nothing, nothing is too absurd: everything is just as absurd as it should be. The proportions of absurdity are correct in all things and only the measure of perception varies. Now, simply because things can never be too absurd doesn’t mean things cannot be too stupid. When someone says “There is no such thing as a stupid question”, they are lying to your face.

Stupid: lacking intelligence or common sense.

Any question that is asked me that Siri could answer in as much time or less, is a stupid question; unless the motive of the question was not in the answer but in the person from which it came. I get stupid questions asked to me all of the time. Questions like, “Do you have a Sharpie”, or “Do you have your keys?”, both of these items are things I am reputed for having on my person at all times. I haven’t gone a day since 2012 that I didn’t have a Sharpie with me. Rarely if I have bus keys, car keys, or hotel room keys will they ever be absent from me.

Those are stupid questions because my family already knows the answers to them. All they have to do is pause a second and think. Some questions are just stupid. However, absurd is a little different. Absurdity is something so ridiculous or impossible that you would never think it could happen. Absurdity towards people comes in the form a request rather than a question. People don’t often care for absurd requests because they are so impossible to accomplish. But God, He loves absurd requests, (are you ready for this?), nothing is too absurd for God.

God wants your absurd requests, He wants your impossible dreams and plans. He wants you to make ridiculous requests of Him so that He can amaze you with the results. God loves to do the impossible to shew forth His glory and might. So, ask. Nothing is too absurd for God. Give Him your hopes, dreams, future, and impossibilities. Let Him make them possibilities.

As always, thanks for reading, and a big thanks to Facebook for the ideas.

the anonymous novelist

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