The preview line for content on WordPress blogs is a placeholder that says “share your story“. This craze of the Blobla site generating your story based upon your name and gender is catching on like the Flappy Bird virus and has become quite popular as of late. Blobla is a site where you can take mock tests to see who you are and how you like your friends, family, what your future will be, and even down to personal things about your life. 

It’s all complete propoganda and randomized results. But, the principal of this most recent addition to their site, a spin on the year’s most popular meme “Be like Bill”, is a create your own meme. Employing a randomized process of equation that takes two parameters: name and gender, and returns a prebuilt story. Several people may have the same story, but the point is that people are letting a website write their story for them.

Now, I’m going to pull away from condemning the site at this point, as it’s all in fun and very little of its information gets retained, but I will return to it before this is over.

My question is, who is writing your story? Is it you? Because if you are writing your own story, your choices will be made based upon your own logic and wisdom. If you write your story, you will fail at it, because our own stories can only be written day by day; we can’t see the future and we are influenced by the past. In our writing we are subjective because of our partiality to our own plans for our story. We’re biased and cannot be trusted to write our own story.

If not you, who is writing your story? Is it a search engine? A friend? Your family or peers? Or… Just maybe… Is it God? Who writes the story of our lives…?

Now, back to Blobla. This site is using people to propogate their messages. Like a presidential candidate says, “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message”, when we post these memes of ourselves, our stories according to Blobla, we are approving the messages within them and further propogating them. 

It’s also become a peer pressure issue, we do it because our friends do. It’s become like the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and we do it simply because other people do it. Jumping off into a separate thought train track for a second: the Ice Bucket Challenge would’ve raised a lot more money than it did, had dumping a bucket of ice over your head not become as cool. The alternative was to pay a certain amount of money to the organization looking for a cure of a particular disease, but the real disease was the epidemic of peer pressure. Willful ignorance led people to follow their friends in support of a cause they knew nothing about, thereby propogating it’s message. 

Cautiously we must choose what we throw our support and endorsements behind. We need to be careful what how we allow companies, causes, and website write our stories; and, not that I’d insult your intelligence by the following insinuation, but don’t let anyone tell you who you are or who you should be. Don’t let anyone write your story for you. Don’t “Be Like Bill”. Be like Christ. Be like you.

As always, thanks for reading, and stay classy.

the anonymous novelist

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