It’s odd to write a post about not having any ideas to write a post about, but I’m an odd kind of person. I hit this phase of writing very seldom compared to how often I write; and understand that writer’s block is a phase of writing and plays a large part in it.

Writer’s block is when your mind tells you to stop. When a writing overload occurs and too much of it is on your mind, you sometimes get writer’s block: a sensory overload can produce a mental lockdown.

Conversely, the longer the mind lays dormant, the less stimulation is likely to spontaneously occur for writing ideas: a blank slate by itself makes very few words.

But, contrary to how it sounds, writer’s block is not entirely a bad thing. As I said, it is a process or phase of writing, something that often has to occur to produce a good final product. The major advantage of writer’s block is that it forces you out of your mindset and causes you to take a break from writing and ideas. In other words, when you stop having ideas it gives your brain a break from having to think of them. 

Writer’s block is a time of revitalization and recuperation for your mind and for the project, it gives your mind a chance to catch up with you. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, it happens when it needs to happen; and though we hardly ever like it, it’s for our own good.

Writer’s block is like one of our hardships in our spiritual life, something God makes us go through because He knows we need to. We often don’t see trials as a good thing, but when we treat them with the right attitude, knowing they are ultimately for our betterment, we begin to see their worth and value.

Not all hardships are made for our suffering alone, but often they are placed upon us to force us out of our mindset and make us look at life from a different angle. 

Even the fact that I had writer’s block until late last night trying to think of a post to write turned out to be inspiration for a post… Making it true writer’s block. Writer’s block is often viewed as the inability to think or focus, but really it only applies to certain things. For instance: writer’s block doesn’t inhibit me writing about writer’s block. I still have the ability to think, in this case I simply cannot bring my mind to focus on a specific subject and write about it. I can only write about writer’s block because it’s all that’s on my mind.

But this is good, it makes me step back and look at what I’ve done so far, try to get a grip on things I’ve written about, and think on how I can better write posts in the future that you are more likely to enjoy. I’m sure a portion of this writer’s block is from actual sensory overload of my mind being overwhelmed by the events of late. But, I don’t blame anyone or anything for it, writer’s block is good for me and will eventually result in something better than what it seems like right now.

Just hang in there, the trial is for your good. You’ll make it out alive and stronger.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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