I love. The reason for my existance, the initiative for which I was matrixed was to love. As a homo-sapien, I have a nature that is obligated by its own self to love.

God made humans to love. That is their single purpose for existing, there is no other. The first commandment is to love the Lord our God. That means that we are capable of loving aside from God, even capable of loving in a way God desires to be loved, apart from God living inside of us. True, we only have this ability to love because God first loved us, and by that love taught us and exemplified for us the only true and perfect love; but, humans are capable of loving aside from God loving through them. 

In the Garden of Eden, God created Man for the purpose of tending the garden and its inhabitants, and for having fellowship with Him. 

We were made to love God, not others. We are incapable of loving others. The love given to humans is a love that can only be expressed towards God. God is love and that love was imputed to men for the purpose of it being reciprocated back to God. The love that humans have is not a love that can be expressed toward anyone or anything but God.  

Love is a strange thing: the more love you give, the more you have. Unlike anything else that exists, when love is given, it multiplies rather than diminishes. God is love, if we don’t have a love for others, it is because we have not allowed the love of God into us. If Christ doesn’t live inside of us, we do not have the option or ability to love others. Our only innate love is for God alone. The ability to love others comes from Him and His love, not ours. God is love, love is of God, but He always comes first.

Simply because God is love does not mean humans cannot love, it means that we can only love others through Him. The love of a human is not for others, that’s why “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is the second commandment, not the first. Loving others is dependant upon our love for God. If we do not voluntarily love God, we cannot love others.

Love is not something we have, love is something we do; and our love should be directed to God. All of the love that we have belongs to Him, the love we show to others is only a manifestation of a Christ infestation being lived through us, and is not our love but His. The outward effects of an inward living Christ are things we often take credit for. But, I think that part of the reason “with God all things are possible” means so much to some people, is because they truly grasp that without Him, nothing is. Love, like the kind of love that the world sees, is not us; it is God in us. This is why Christ said that the world will know us by our love for others, (or one for another). Because not only does the world not understand that kind of love, they are incapable of loving in that way. Without God, that kind of love is impossible and therefore unimaginable. But, with God all things are possible.

When we realize that our love is reserved for God alone, we start living like He is all that matters. When God is all that matters, love for others, goodwill toward men, righteousness, kindness, and every other good thing follows.

As always, thanks for reading. 

–the anonymous novelist

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