MMO: Massively Multiplayer Online.

This is an online gaming style in which many players can link over wifi to simultaneously play a single game. This particular style of gaming is very popular because you can play alongside and against real players, which are more intelligent than CPU controlled bots.

I have recently been formally introduced to MMO strategy gaming and immediately began a subconscious analysis of it. I have played an immense amount of MMO and MOBA in the past few days and have learned a few interesting facts, drawn parallels and a few perpendiculars, and discovered that life is like and MMO game. 

1) Life according to MMO is difficult, but the player always sets the difficulty. 

In any game where there is a difficulty option, it is the player’s choice as to how hard the game will be. In life, the conscious decisions we make knowing they will lead to either easier or more difficult times is our difficulty setting. We choose how hard round one is going to be, how many trails we face and the strength of those trials.

2) Life according to MMO is a team effort.

Life is a multiplayer game; we need allies to survive this game because there is never a shortage of enemies. Our teammates are there to fight beside us, throwing themselves into the fray when we’re on our last bar of health and can’t get out. They watch your back, and when you fall, they keep the enemy at bay until you get back up again.

These are not physical enemies, but spiritual ones. Sometimes when your ally takes on an enemy they discover that on their own, they are not strong enough to defeat it. This is where you decide: so do you back up and save yourself from personal injury and potential death, or do you charge in and help your ally bring down the enemy no matter what the cost to yourself?

3) Life according to MMO is made of many characters, each with a unique ability.

Different characters have different abilities, but some also perform different functions. There are four basic character types: tank, (one that has immense health and armor, who charges brashly into frays), skirmisher, (a long ranged, weaker unit that deals mild damage but attacks faster), assassin, (a stealthy, speed based unit that takes moderate damage and deals immense damage to enemies), and support, (a low action, low reward character whose main job is to empower and help allies).

It’s not popular to be a support character, but they may have one of the more important jobs in the game; though not at all glamorous. The support character is often stuck behind the lines or in defense of the home base. Rarely do they step into action, and at the end of the game, they don’t look like they have done all that much.

The interesting thing though is that to find out how important the supporter was and how well they played, you don’t look at their stats, you look at the stats of the other players. The success of a supporter is measured by the success of the entire team.

4) Life according to MMO is a team effort.

Now, I could talk for hours about how MMO applies to real life, but I think I’ll close with this thought: it takes a whole team.

It takes every player, each performing their own jobs within their own areas to win the battle. As my good friend Stephen Dodd pointed out on several occasions, I brought the team down single-handedly by brashly running into frays and getting myself killed. It takes an entire team, working together to accomplish the goal. 

In life, we can’t just rush into things and hope we can defeat them. Life isn’t about you. Life isn’t about others. Life is about you and others working as a team to further God’s fame and magnify His glory.

Bam! Life according to MMO.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist 

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