This might have been more fittingly timed had I posted it around Christmas, however, New Year’s Day is also a holiday, so it still works.
Since November, my family has been living out of a van and trailer due to an accident with the bus rendering it incapacitated. Living from hotel to friend’s house to hotel is nothing new for our family, but it is different to be out of one’s own home over Christmas and New Years; possibly even through Easter as well. It is not looking like a good situation.

This post is for my followers who do not have Facebook or Twitter and cannot get these updates any other way.

Two weeks ago, Mom and Dad left on their anniversary trip leaving us kids in Springfield, MO where our oldest brother Caleb and his family lives. The first Sunday after they left we had two bookings to fulfill. Now, this is the first time that we have ever had to do a full Christmas concert without Mom and Dad: it was a unique experience. It caused a few of us to step up and take charge where we normally would not. So, it was a growing experience for us.

The day Mom and Dad came back from their trip they received news from the bus shop in Wisconsin that the front frame was bent and the cost of repairs was going to be tremendously more than we had at first thought. Some of the major issues were replacing the front frame and obtaining parts. There is only one company in the US that makes parts for our make and model of coach, (MCI), and some of the parts we need are no longer being manufactured.

When you evaluate the cost of re-manufacturing parts and the time it takes to make them, ship them, and install them, we could be out of the bus for a very long time. On the flip side of the coin, our insurance company has said that if the cost of repairs becomes too high, they will total the bus.

By Thursday we will know more, right now I ask for your prayers and any kind thoughts you can send our way. Just wanted to keep you informed. We’re homeless for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be joyful. Joy is not where you are, who your with, or what you are doing. True joy is found in Christ and nothing can take that away.

As always. Thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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