Why? Because, I’m not gonna lie, you stink. But, you’re not the only one. The human race is the scum of the earth: literally. Everything was perfect, then we sinned, single-handedly casting the entire world into death living. No other thing created has the will to disobey God. Animals do not sin, they have no consciousness, no soul. They are not accountable for their actions, therefore they are free of the law and it’s penalties.

Man, of all God’s creation, hates Him most. We live to hate God, to exemplify this in our actions. To a God who considers hate to be murder, what do you think He considers idleness and apathy? 

Is anything less than us totally, with every waking breath serving Christ to the whole of our ability, anything less than a hate of God. 

If hate is murder, lust is adultery, and a lie is worthy of Hell, what do we call utter disobedience if not the hatred of God?

Why then, of everything God has created, did He choose the most vile, most hateful, most reprobate of all His creation to save? 

So, I ask you please to not be you. You are human, you hate God in and of yourself. Don’t be you, be anything but you. The logical question then is: how? How do you stop being yourself? Well, the only way to stop being you is to start being someone else.

I hear people say, “Be true to you”, “Love yourself”, I say be anyone but you, and hate yourself: for only when you hate yourself can you love others.

Live unselfishly, stop doing what you want, how you want, when you want, and start doing things for others. Give your life away, lose it to find it.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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