The fun has died down, the family has gone home, and Christmas is coming to a close. Let’s take a look at what just happened:

  • You were subconsciously nice to people yesterday.
  • You spent time with those you love and had a good meal.
  • You gave something, even as insignificant as time itself, to someone else.
  • You had a good time and shared peace and joy with family and friends. 

Christmas was a success… Or was it?
Why do you celebrate Christmas? Not, why do your parents celebrate Christmas, or why does your culture celebrate Christmas. Why do you celebrate Christmas?


We know that Jesus probably wasn’t born on December 25, and that celebrations of birthdays in general are traditionally pagan. So, why do you celebrate Christmas?

Biblically, every blessing from God recieved thanks, and every recurring blessing recieved a festival, or holiday. These festivals, most of them belonging to the Jews, (who are the opposite of pagans), included the festival of the harvest, the festival of the Passover, and many others. These were festivals of blessing, celebrating the gift of harvest and the gift of the passing over of the Spirit of Death. Blessings of God ought to be celebrated. We celebrate Christmas because Christ is the ultimate blessing.


Why do we celebrate this holiday when we do? Christmas is celebrated in December for many reasons, one is that, according to astronomy, the Star of Bethlehem, (which appeared at Christ’s conception), appeared on December 25. Life begins at conception, thus Christ was alive and in the world on December 25, but was born roughly 9 months later.

 Another reason we celebrate in December is for remberance. Christ emphasized remberance in the blessing of His death. He told His disciples to partake of the “Lord’s Supper”, in remberance of Him.

The reason we celebrate in the dark of winter, the middle of the coldest part of our year, is because it was into a bleak and cold world that He came into. The dark and chill of winter is our hearts. When we needed Him most, in the bleak of winter, He came to us.


What is Christmas to you? That’s what makes it worth celebrating in the first place. Christmas isn’t for Christ. It is not for His pleasure, joy, and happiness that we celebrate. Every day should be devoted to Christ, but there shouldn’t be anything extra done on Christmas anymore than any other day. Christmas is for us, that we partake of the joy, peace, and love, and remember why, how, when, and who it’s all about.

Think about what just happened. Think about Christmas, and believe.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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