You’re probably expecting a post that has something to do with Christmas, given the title and timing of this post. But, I’m not going to focus on Christmas today. It isn’t Christmas, it is the day before; the day we go to a candlelight church service and reflect on what God did for us.

Today is all about precursor. In this case, the precursor is more important than the actual day. Christmas is all about us. We are so wrapt in ourselves and giving to others that we may see the joy on their faces and recieve the satisfaction from that. It’s about us having fun with family and showing others that we care. But, Christmas Eve is not about Christ, it’s about reflecting upon His birth, life, and death.

At least in the way we celebrate these days: Christmas is about fun, and Christmas Eve is about faith. The Christian’s way of keeping Christ in Christmas is to push Him out of it. We gather in His house earlier than usual so that we don’t end up staying too late. We come into His presence in fellowship a day early so the Christmas Day can be filled with “more important things”.

I don’t think this is a bad thing, but be consistent Christians! Without Christ, Christmas is just an average holiday; not all that special. So, if the eve of this average holiday is all about Christ, and the holiday itself is an afterthought to that, why not cry out: “Keep Christ in Christmas Eve!”? Just be consistent. We cannot tell the world to keep Christ in Christmas while pushing Him out of it ourselves.

The day of Christmas ought to be more Christ-centered than its precursor. Do we treat it as a holy day?

What’s more important? What do your actions tell others that Christmas means to you? Just a thought.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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