This is a post about “Girl Meets World”, the Disney Channel spin-off of the Disney Channel show, “Boy Meets World”. This show is very similar in setting to the old show, but is centered around Cory’s daughter and not Cory himself. 

I recently watched about a billion episodes of this series and have come to regard it as one of the better Disney Channel shows I have ever laid eyes upon. I will probably be watching it while you are reading this post. The characters are solid, if not creepily realistic. The setting is bland, which makes the stories incredibly versatile and interesting. 

The character Maya, played by Sabrina Carpenter, is a pitch perfect complimented to the smiley, bright side of life main character of Riley, played by Rowan Blanchard. I tell you, Sabrina Carpenter though… Haha! Sorry, I just saw the scene with Dewey/Doy and busted out laughing; when you watch it, you’ll understand.

Anyway, Sabrina Carpenter may be my favorite female actor in the history of the Disney Channel. That may sound like fan girling, but as I’ve said multiple times on this blog, I’m a dead man living. 

Random Word To Guys:

Long ago I put my heart in a box and I threw away the key. Prayed to God: note to self that life is not all about me. It’s best to focus on an ideal, not an image; until you stumble across, are led to, or end up fixed with the person you were meant to be with for the rest of your life.

Okay, moving on. Peyton Meyer plays the character of Lucas, the not so stereotypical, super hot jock, at least coming from the perspective of Riley. There is an undertone of boyfriend/girlfriend elements, but they always serve a purpose. In the words of Caleb Allen:

This is like the only Disney Channel show with real heart.

He’s right. You fall in love with the characters and become part of their lives. You can feel them, even if they aren’t always funny, they are always real.

The favorite dou of mine is the combination of the characters of Farkle, (Corey Fogelmanis), unfortunate names both times, I know, and Cory Mathews, (Ben Savage), the original boy who meets the world. The brilliancy of their characters and particularly the morph of Cory from student to teacher at the same school, and his role of playing teacher to his kids, is comical and intruiging. 

I really like the show because it’s real, it’s life. It’s not afraid to make fun of itself by addressing the fact that Cory is consistently only paying attention to the main characters of the series in his class.

The only thing I don’t care for, and this is all too prevalent among Disney Channel anything, is the lack of parental responsibility to take charge of their children’s problems. They treat the highschoolers like adults. Mainly because the parents are just big children themselves sometimes.

This show has a purpose, has a moral, it has heart and depth to it. In a world of shallow people and superficial smiles, it’s nice to know that there is some escape in the craziness of a Disney Channel series.

I’m praying for these actors and actresses. It’s a habit with favorite actors of mine, because I know what it’s like to play a part and get lost in it. I’ve felt the loss of peices of myself by leaving them in facades that I created. But, for me, God and writing were my escapes, my revitalization, a way to find my way back to who I was. I pray for these people, that who they are on screen is who they are in real life. 

God changes us to who we need to be, and that’s enough. For Ben Savage: I pray that you find your life outside of a character. For Peyton Meyer: I pray that you would be who you are on screen, because that person is real. For Rowan Blanchard: Calm down, seriously! Find true joy in Christ. For Sabrina Carpenter: You are who you want to be. I pray you choose your life wisely. For Corey Fogelmanis: I’m sorry about your last name. I pray you see the value in others and the wisdom of God.

Hey, it’s been fun. But, that’s all for today.

As always, thanks for reading, you guys are really awesome.

the anonymous novelist

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  1. Your writing is really good! I love that show too lol. I was a huge fan of Boy Meets World so I was really excited when Girl meets world started! I think it is incredible that you take the time to pray for these kids and actors! That’s what we all should be doing! I like the actors and actresses, and so when I discover what they do in their personal life(ex:Rowan Blanchard) she is very much a feminist and it is important for me to pray for her. Keep looking to God for everything! He will never let you down! God bless

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