Tom Cruise. Wow. The man is a pretty hardcore actor. His stunts in this film were impressive to say the least. I have a lot of respect for this man, as an actor, and in this last film especially. 


The character of Ethan Hunt, which is played by Tom Cruise, is one of the most stand up security agents I’ve ever seen in film. Unlike the playboy that is James Bond, Ethan Hunt is a married man and stays faithful to that in this new film. 

I love how the film is able to show the comradary of agents, even double agents, without having to have a physical relationship. They obtain information honestly, though not trustingly at first, and have the “you help me, I help you” mentality throughout the film. 

Hunt shows his integrity and love for his wife by parting with this woman agent on friendly, but only friendly terms.

Another aspect I apreciated was the character progression of Benji, the tech agent and personal best friend of Ethan. This man exibits the ruffly, steel-exterior agent personality when taking the internal polygraph tests early on in the movie. He shows us the sarcastic, “I don’t care”, “I’m so good at what I do” side of an agent right at the start. 

Slowly, we see his exterior shell brake and the friend side of him emerge, emotions growing until the climax. When he has a bomb strapped to his chest, the facade drops and he is a terribly frightened, real life, human being. 

Often we see international agents as robots without souls, but Benji was real in this movie. I applaud the writers for this, and give the characters of Rogue Nation a glowing 8 of 10 stars.


I did not like the lack of intense action in this, “Action”, movie. As I told many people after viewing it, “It was a good movie, but it wasn’t a good action movie”. I felt a lot more drama in the film, yet it still retained an action story: one that is poorly thought through and is geared for action sequences. Thus, composition and content get a below average rating of 4 of 10 stars.

Finally, the rewatchablility and special effects. Well, the effects were lousy as most of the action sequences were live stunts. Therefore stunting, (pun intended), the visual effects scale. It was not an intense movie, and it did contain language. I watched the movie through a filter called VidAngel to avoid the cursing; because it really spoils the whole mood and the scene, and it’s not wholesome. But, there is cursing in it. For this reason, unless you have been desensitized to the taking of your God’s name in vain, I give the movie a rewatchablility rating of a grand zero out of ten stars without a guardian, and 6 of 10 with one.

It was underwhelming overall, outside of seeing Tom Cruise actually hang on the outside of a plane. So, this movie gets a rating of 5 of 10 stars. That classifies it as an average film. Sorry Tom, better luck next time. 

Again, I would caution you, this movie does contain language. If you’re planning on watching it with a gaurdian, do so, it’s a fun addition to the rest of the series.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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