I’ve seen it in dozens of movies, and heard it in countless speeches. The question: What is the one thing you’d like to see or accomplish with your new award/position? The answer: WORLD PEACE! Be it the peeeeace of the 70’s hipster, the world peace of the Miss America pageant, peace like a river, or the peace we so often acquaint with Christmas…everyone wants a piece of peace. 

Hi! I’m Jon Leighton. In the coming months, Jared and I will be teaming up with individual and joint posts to share perspective and thoughts on an array of topics; today we tackle peace.  
I don’t think we need to spend time trying to explain peace. Spend any time around a group of kids, and you become extremely familiar with the pursuit of the topic. With all the talk we hear on the subject of peace, especially during the December season, many of us have a misconception of what peace really looks like. The world will not and cannot be at peace until Jesus returns. Is it possible we’ve been looking for the wrong thing? If we had a better idea of what peace looked like, do you think we could not only find it, but affect it in our world? Let’s take a look at a few principles of peace.

1. Peace is a Person 

Stay with me…God never promised a peaceful earth. He promised peace ON earth. The angels that heralded the news of Christ’s birth said, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” in Luke 2. That’s the verse we typically reference to claim peace in the earth, but as we dissect the passage we find peace shows up ON the earth the night Jesus is born. Coincidence? No! Peace was born that first Christmas night.

2. Peace must be Pursued 

 Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it. Psalm 34:14 I find peace to be a moment-by-moment pursuit in my daily life. Situation to situation, I’ve never found a utopian form of peace. As a believer, peace must be sought after and experienced in the battles we face day to day. I’m here to submit that seeking peace is not always peaceful, often requiring great sacrifice. Seek it. Find it. Never let it go.

3. Peace is Proprietary 

In John 14:27 Jesus says, “MY peace I give unto you.” Not the cheap knockoff brand the world promotes…it’s mine! Who does Jesus give it to? As a child of God you have peace WITH God, receive the peace OF God, and instructed to spread the peace for God. The real thing.  

The Prince of Peace governs a place of peace in which we inwardly live, though outwardly in a world of chaos. As citizens of this nation of peace, it is our commission to propagate and permeate peace in every location this quest called life lands us. If you know Peace, have peace, and seek peace, it’s time to stop praying for peace and go be a piece of it.

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