Saving Christmas

Today is the start of a brand new series I’m beginning on the blog called “Movie Review Monday”! Every Monday I will review a film, then post my thoughts and analysis of it. However, due to scheduling issues, these reviews will be published exclusively on Tuesdays.

So, why not name it “Movie Review Tuesdays”? Well, that’s just not very catchy now is it?

DISCLAIMER: These reviews are prone to be brutal; I am an impartial analyst and not afraid to take apart a movie.

To kick off this official movie review series we have the critically acclaimed “worst movie ever”: Saving Christmas. This film was ranked by IMDB, (International Movie Data Base), in the list of their 100 worst rated films of 2014. With 1 being the best of the worst, and 100 being the worst of the worst, “Saving Christmas”, was number 100.
The movie starts out with a forced feeling monologue by Kirk Cameron; like a droning blog post with a lot of opinion and information, but no real fire. Several awkward pauses occur when Cameron moves to take sips out of a hot chocolate mug that the camera shows is clearly empty. If I was watching this for myself, I would be lost within the first five minutes of Kirk Cameron doing his Charlton Heston impersonation.

There are two pseudo-openings to the movie where you have three minutes or so of Cameron on camera or in narration that end in credits for the production companies. Now, Cameron has a great voice for narration, but it’s a little much at the beginning of a film before it even officially starts.

The entirety of the movie is spent on and off in a single discussion in an SUV sitting in the carport of a house. (I know. Nobody calls it a carport anymore. Call me old-fashioned.). During this discussion, the filmmakers take us through the Christmas story in a minimalistic, moving picture slideshow as Cameron continues to speak. It doesn’t even seem like Cameron directs his words toward the guy he’s talking to in the movie, everything is aimed at the viewers.

Though the film may look like any other normal movie from the outside, it’s clearly just an oddly formatted documentary. The film contains loads of useful and in depth facts about Christmas: how things like Christmas trees, parties, presents, Santa, and other traditional symbols are actually Christian by origin. It’s informative and applied information, but as a movie… It’s horrendous!

The big thing for me in this film was the story of St. Nicolas, (the real Santa Claus), in dub-step. I give the film credit for showing the historical, hardcore side of Nicolas that we don’t often see; though, their Nicolas was a tad creepy, in a jolly, ho ho ho, happy sort of way.

The weakest part of this hard-hitting discussion that is supposed to show you how to give the right answers, is that there is no opposition! Every point is conceded without question. In a real life discussion with a prideful human who thinks that they are right, that would never happen! The film makes you want to go out and defend Christmas, but there is no follow up answers to questions that come from this newfound knowledge. It seems to be a recipe destined to make you fall flat on your face in a head-to-head Christmas discussion.

Overall, I’d give the film 2 out of 10 stars. The biggest disappointment for me is that I’ve grown to respect Kirk Cameron for his standards of excellence, and this film was a let down on so many levels.

Inspiring: yes. Informative: yes. One of the worst films of 2014: sorry, but absolutely.

That’s it for this movie review, like I said, I’m an unbiased analyst. If you’d like me to review a movie, leave me a comment. Hey, tune in next week for another great review, or tomorrow for a generic post!

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