This is another post that came from a failed song idea. You may discover why the song failed as this post progresses, but the concept is still worthy of note.

The inspiration for this song originated from a single line that randomly popped into my head. That thought was: who on earth would write a song about a sandwich? The irony of that statement was acute when the thought played itself out. 

Let me take you back in time to 80 years ago, when our great grandparents were young. Back in the days of horseless carriages, house phones, and vinyl records, people would have shuddered to think of what we listen to today. The question might have arisen back then: “who on earth would write a song about a one-night-stand?”. Yet, how far have we come since then?

Think about 40 years ago, in the days when our parents were children themselves. Even then, songs were far more conservative than they are today. In the 1970s people might have asked: “who on earth would write a song with explicit language and content?”. Yet we treat it like the non-ideal norm. It’s not what we’d want it to be, but it’s what we have; that’s our attitude towards music today.

So, we come to the title of this post. In today’s world, with the horribly foul and suggestive content of songs, pop culture might ask: “who on earth would write a song about a sandwich?”, as if that is so impossible to fathom. Really, we are questioning people who would write songs about sandwiches, and not those who write and sing songs that uplift sensuality and hate, songs that glorify human desire and animalistic instincts with no point or meaning. Why? Is it such an odd thing to write a song about a sandwich, and it is so normal to write songs about raping and manipulating people?

We’ve fallen into a pattern of worldliness, desensitized to right and wrong, blind to blatant black and white lines. Somehow it’s absolutely normal to sing about passion and lust, but who on earth would right a song about a sandwich?

Something simple, but yet profound. The goal of the song was to point out how people would think it was crazy to write a song about a sandwich, and yet think it’s completely normal what people are writing and singing about today. Thus, the point of the song would be to awaken people to the fact that it shouldn’t be normal to have songs like those that we have today. 

With all of the pointless songs people sing and write, why not have ones that are pointless and at the same time, harmless. Your standard bubblegum pop song is glorifying love or human emotions and pleasure. Why not have songs equally as stupid and yet with a wholesome premise? 
You get my point? No matter how you try to fit it, a song about a sandwich just doesn’t mesh with the world in which we live. Eventually the time will come, eventually we will realize that stupid, pointless music does not lift us up, it tears us down. So I ask you, who on earth would write a song about a sandwich?

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-the anonymous novelist 

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