I’m going to be trying something new and a little different here in the future, starting with this post. I had the brilliant idea, (which happens quite often), to turn unsuccessful song ideas into blog posts. The inspiration and a portion of condensed content is already before me, I just have to stretch and format to make it fit. Here’s a song/post idea that I had about love being a fraction. You may get some catch-lines and whatnot, carryover from the song itself.

Love is ⅛ a reaction:

Like when two chemicals with opposing elements meet in the presence of an active catalyst cause a chemical reaction, when two people with opposing elements meet in the presence of passion, it causes an emotional reaction: love.
Passion simply means strong emotion, and in this case it acts like heat to chemicals. Therefore, creating a chemical reaction, the product of which can be color, noise, a new chemical, likely an explosion, but mainly it is the joining of the two chemicals together. When people have an emotional reaction, whether self-induced or God-induced, the product is love; eventually leading to the joining of both people together. At least that’s love in its purest, human form.

Love is ⅛ commitment:

Obviously the proportions may not be accurate compared to what actual love contains, but terms like 2/8 are not legitimate in writing because they can be condensed to 1/4, and that just isn’t congruent. Since terms like 3/8 are too big, each area will be 1/8 in this post.

Love is commitment: staying with something even when times get hard. Committing your life to someone forever is not easy, that is why it’s called love. Love isn’t easy. But, one of the ways we show our love one for another is to be committed to each other. Commitment is key to a strong love. When a women knows that her husband or lover is committed, she doesn’t have to worry about him leaving; she finds security in commitment. When a man knows that his wife or lover is committed, he doesn’t have to worry about working to keep her and make her feel secure; he finds peace in her satisfaction and commitment.

Love is ⅛ desire:

What good marriage is void of desire? If two people do not desire to be with one another, or have no desire for one another, why would they choose to live their lives intertwined until death does them part? Without desire on both sides, love can never flourish, a good relationship cannot be formed.

Desire for each other, and a desire for God is the cornerstone of a good marriage and love itself. However, the heart is the seat of our desires and it is desperately wicked. So, when it comes to your desires, don’t just trust your heart, trust your head as well. God gave us a head so that we would be able to think through our problems; and also so that we could see, hear, smell, and not freak people out as our headless bodies walked around Walmart looking for the electronics section.

Love is ⅛ sacrifice:

Nothing good in life is ever free… or so the saying goes. Sacrifice is something we face daily. It’s not an option in love, but a condition of love. Two people who truly love each other are willing to make sacrifices for one another. The first evidence of love is someone willing to sacrifice their own happiness or comfort for that of another.

The ultimate love, that was Jesus Christ our Savior, went to a cross and sacrificed everything for us. If the ultimate love is shown in sacrifice, ought not our love be evidenced by sacrifice?

Love is ⅛ calling:

If you aren’t called to love, it’s not love. Anything that you think is love that you feel deeply and strongly about, is either passion or lust, or a mixture of both. Passion is a strong feeling felt towards something or someone, and lust is the want of something or someone for your own pleasure and selfishness. Love is pure, thus any thoughts that accompany your feelings must also be pure if those feelings are love. If the thoughts you think when you feel strongly or passionately about someone are not pure, the feeling is not love but lust.

Love is something God calls us to for the furtherance of His kingdom. The goal of love is marriage, which is an institution that two people enter into for the purpose of doing things for God that neither could do on their own. Love is a calling.

Now, the Greeks had four different words for love, all with different meanings: Agápe- Brotherly love. Éros- Love of a man for a woman or a woman for a man. Philia- love of a friend. Storge- love of a parent or guardian: empathy. The translation of love I refer to in this post in Éros.

Love is ⅛ trial and error:

Like anything in life, and even in science, the easiest way to figure something out is by trial and error. Notice how it’s not called trial and success. Humans do not learn by success, we learn by error and by failure. And love, if that is all you are depending on, will fail you every time. We can’t lean on love unless it is the perfect love of God. Not every thing we do will succeed. Love is a trail and error process that has not one specific formula.

Love is ⅛ collaboration:

It’s really a group effort, love is. It requires those involved to give of themselves, their time, rescources, emotions, and dedication to make it work. If two people are not willing to collaborate and communicate, they cannot truly work together. If they are not working together, they are not growing closer together. Love is collaboration with each other, and with others outside of the relationship to gain knowledge and wisdom to act upon.

Love is ⅛ math:

Think about it, and this is my favorite part: love is when 1 plus 1 equals one. It multiplies exponentially from two single people. Love is divisible by infinity and yet never decreases in value. Love is addition, never subtraction. Love is acute, love is when two parallel people become perpendicular. Love is geometry, love is algebra, but you can’t solve for the unknowns by yourself.


Alright, so love is all of this and so much more. To know love, you can’t just treat it like a word or a feeling. Love didn’t come out of a laboratory somewhere. God made love, God is love. 

Remember: it’s not science just because it’s attraction, but I’m convinced that love is a fraction.

As always, thanks for reading.

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-the anonymous novelist

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