That’s so fun to say. Isis crisis. 

Anyway, it’s not as if you don’t know about Isis, the largest world threat currently on the radar. They are a notorious terror organization, like Hamas or Al-Qaeda, known recently for the beheading of Christians and news reporters. The letters of ISIS stand for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the home of this jihadist extremist group.

Though we regard them as a new terror threat, ISIS has been around since the late 90s. In 1999 the group ISIS was formed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and Islamic militant from Jordan who fought in the Iraq War and ran a paramilitary training camp in Afghanistan.

Abu Masab died in 2006 and that’s when most of the large scale terror began. However, whereas Hamas and Al-Qaeda seem centered around suicide bombings and mass deaths, ISIS seems more political, strategical, and pointed with their attacks. The beheading and public crucifixions of innocents, many of them Christians, is ISIS’s way of showing that they are powerful and predictable. They are out to insight global terror and confusion.

I took a look at the Twitter hashtag for ISIS and fear is the expected theme, but we see our secure American selves merely disagreeing about the ISIS crises and President Obama’s mode of, “handling”, the situation by expecting Iran to hand over their nukes… Nope, not gonna happen. The predominant goal of all terror cells is to destroy all infidels, the Islamic faith demands it as a way to enter paradise.

Allah-, the Arabic word for God, is a God of hate and vengeance, a God of war if ever there was one. If you were born into a religious culture that thought the only sure-fire way to go to paradise in the afterlife was to die blowing infidels into oblivion, would you do it?

It’s all in the perspective. I know the world leaders are concerned about and perhaps even fear ISIS. Many of the people of the world, especially in light of the Paris bombings being speculated as an ISIS related attack, likely hate ISIS. I know that when people were being beheaded, crucified, and dismember in graphic, bloody, viral videos that hatred was stirred in our hearts against ISIS.

But, the scriptures say to love our enemies and be good to those that hate us and despitefully use us. That means ISIS. So, what is the real crisis here? A crisis of terror or a crisis of faith? Love your enemies, pray for those that hurt you, be good to those that hate you. Whether it’s how to act to defend ourselves against this reigning evil, or how to love the loveless: we have an ISIS crisis.

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