I know most of my followers are fellow bloggers; big shoutout to all of you. But, if you’re thinking of starting a blog the first thing you need is something to say. 

The ultimate purpose of a self-oriented blog is to promote yourself to others. True, a blog is a mode of expressing your ideas, but it is also a place of fantasy where you can escape. Because it is writing, you cannot see me, thus I can be whatever I want to be.

Technically, I could say anything I wish to about myself and most of you wouldn’t know the difference, that’s just beauty of blogging. Taking a few cues from Jon Arbuckle here, I’d like to impress you with my accomplishments.

  1. I made my first million before I turned 12.
  2. George Lucas based the character of Yoda after me.
  3. I have a pet flying monkey.
  4. I can speak twelve languages simultaneously.
  5. I invented nuclear fusion.

See what I mean? Anything and everything is acceptable in this fantasy blog world.

 Yep, I’ve been there. When you run out of ideas, make stuff up. A blog is not supposed to be a job, unless you’re Matt Walsh or somebody. It’s not work, it’s a hobby, a pastime. 

I find it odd that the word “pastime”, a conjunction of the words, “pass” and “time” is not spelled with a double “s”. Separately, the words “pass” and “time” mean the passing of time or the engaging in a task that makes time seem to move faster. In the word “pastime”, the words “pas” and “time” mean “not time” or “no time”: pas being the French word for time and time being the English word for-, well… Time. The two meanings then are completely opposite. Do you not find that a little odd?  Anyway, since a blog is just for fun, it shouldn’t matter whether people appreciate the work with likes and whatnot. If you did the post because you wanted to, you should need no other gratification. It’s just you being you, and that’s enough. You don’t have to be something that you’re not; be yourself whatever you do.

Dissapointment is something all artists face. When we pour our souls into the art and don’t get the feedback or love that we expected, it’s dissapointing. So, I encourage you to make your work about something bigger than just you. God is a good place to start if you’re a Christian. If you are not, make your posts be about the good in the world, tie them into some great goal of morality or peace. Make it count.

 Lastly, if you started the blog for you, write about you. I know for Christians we think it always need to be focused on God. But, the topic of your blog doesn’t change whether or not you are a Christian. The world will know us by our love. In other words: let Christ shine through you, then everything that is about you will be about Him. 

And don’t be afraid of what people might think or say. A blog is a fantasy world to do with as you please. I just like keeping it real every once in a while. 🙂

As always, thanks for reading and find away to see the fun in life. 🙂

the anonymous novelist

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