Random Garfield comics are back! At least for today they are. Again, they have no bearing whatsoever on the post, at least not intentionally. Enjoy. Energy: we cannot create it or destroy it. Energy has always existed since the beginning of the world, and there is a limited supply of it. Energy is the force by which all things exist, it moves in and through us, sustaining life, action, heat, and light; thereby also sustaining color, sound, feel, taste, smell, emotion, gravity, and everything else that is. Energy has to be activated, it is stored within all living things and needs to be released in order to work it’s full power and potential. This is the first law of thermodynamics.

Wood, as in the most common kind that often gets burned in campfires, stores and immense amount of energy. When lit, the energy is released and creates heat. 

Energy has to be ignited to be activated.

Here are two basic kinds of energy:

Potential Energy- energy that is stored

Kinetic Energy- energy that is in motion 

I don’t want to talk about science, at least not right now. I want to talk about spiritual thermodynamics. In every human there is stored a wealth of potential energy. From the moment they are born, they have the potential to be a power source. However, before the energy can be released or activated, it must be ignited by some outside source. Let’s use The Holy Spirit as a for instant: when you get saved, that is to say, when you become cognizant of your depraved condition, repent of your transgressions against God, and get radically rescued from sin, the Holy Spirit takes up residence in your life; He ignites you.

Energy once ignited is no longer potential energy, (having a concealed power), but kenetic energy and is moving and active. But, as the energy expends from the firewood, the flames subside until ash is all that remains. 

The heart is a furnace, it is our responsibility to keep it stocked with spiritual kindling: the preparation for the blaze. When we prepare our hearts for the Holy Spirit, He comes and sets aflame the embers of our souls to burn for Christ. 

God’s gift to man is grace. What is grace? Everything that man does not deserve and could never earn: grace. Happiness, joy, peace, fulfillment, security, hope, it’s all a product of a life lived for Christ. Those gifts are grace and they come when we decide to live alive and full of energy. 

When the Holy Spirit ignites the fires of our heart, that’s grace, because every good gift from the Father comes from that. So, when energy is set ablaze in our lives, we become active for Christ and in motion: that’s kenetic energy. Once we are in motion for Christ we can tell others about how they can unleash their inner fire, which is potential energy. 

Stock the store house of your life and keep the furnace filled with kindling. That’s grace according to thermodynamics.

As always, thanks for reading, enjoy your Sunday, and go unleash your potential energy.

–the anonymous novelist

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