If you’re looking through the rear view mirror you can’t see what’s in front of you. They made the windshield bigger than the rearview mirror because what’s in front of you is more important than what’s behind. 

–Bill Britt

Well, that pretty much sums up the whole post, might as well just rap it up now. But, as good as that encapsulates the message of what I want to share today, I want to really make sure you get this one; it’s important. We are told in the Bible not to dwell in the past….

Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. 

–Isaiah 43:18 

Not only should we dwell not on the past, the Scripture says that we should not even remember the former things. Yesterday is history, we don’t live there anymore. Tomorrow is a mystery, we can’t know what is in store. Today is a gift, we didn’t ask for. The past is passed, or has passed if you’re NKJV. Sometimes the old fashioned lingo just goes over the heads of this new generation.

What’s so bad about the past that we have been commanded of God to not even think about it and to put it out of our memory? Don’t we learn from our mistakes? Does God not want us to remember the good times we’ve had? 

Good questions, thanks for asking, (I have no idea who I’m saying that to). God cares for you, He cares about your life and what you’ve been through. But, the past has more effect on us for ill than for good. We can easily get discouraged when we look back upon our lives and think… “That’s all I’ve done with my life? What’s it all for? Am I even making a difference? Does anybody even care about what I do? Would anyone notice if I just disappeared, fell off the face of the earth?”. We get discouraged when look back our lives, mainly because we are selfish and ambitious by nature. When we look back, we will always find mistakes, things we did wrong, things we should have done or shouldn’t have done. What we have accomplished is never good enough for us. As Christians, we want to do our best for Christ, and when we look back at what we’ve done, it never seems like enough.

This is where the evil in the past comes into play. Did you know that the devil lives in your past. Satan himself, or one of his demons lives in your past waiting for you to look at all of your mistakes. Because when we look back, we never notice the good we’ve done: for just one mistake seems to cancel out a lifetime of goodwill. It’s in those times that the demons start whispering their lies into your mind: “You’re worthless!”, “no one loves you!”, “no one cares!”, “your life’s not worth living!”. Believe me, those are lies. 

God loves you, and if you need a more tangible love, I love you. You’re special, you’re wanted, you belong. The past will tell us that we’ve messed too badly. It will say that we can’t fix our lives. Suicide is so popular today even among older individuals because without purpose, without love, life’s just not worth living. The past compels us many times to eliminate our future. If we can’t fix our life, then we should end it. Don’t listen to the past, don’t dwell in it, don’t even remember it.

Conversely, the past and it’s good memories can be as evil as its bad memories. If you’ve ever heard the phrase: too heavenly minded that you’re no earthly good; well, there is also such a thing as being too earthly minded that you are no heavenly good.

The past is of this world, it happened on earth and it will stay on earth, but the future is of heaven and its glory, today is a day to live for the future. Look ahead to the day of Redemption, not behind to condemnation. If we’re too focused on the world we are of no use to the Kingdom of Heaven to win souls for Christ.


If you are too heavenly minded, debating about God and His nature, His commands and His Scripture, you are no earthly good, no good for the Church and God’s people. What does it matter what God was thinking or what He might have meant by something? If He said, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel”. That’s exactly what we are called to do: end of story.


Dwelling in the past makes us want to give up, it discourages us, makes us grow weary in well doing. But God will not allow us to give up easily, He knows that perseverance is good for us and that if we keep pressing on we shall win a crown of glory to lay at His feet.

I’m glad that every time I threw in the towel the Holy Spirit through it back.

–Bill Britt

God’s on your side, He doesn’t want you to give up. God loves you, and I love you.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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