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 Given the amount of time I spend writing on Scriptural themes, your first response to the title of this post was likely something to the effect of, “Oh, it’s going to be a post about Adam and Eve and the fall of man; and the effects that we see today because of that, and how man is still falling. It will likely have some allusion to standards and how we keep from falling and should totally put me out of the mood for festive and cheerful thinking for the rest of the day…”. That’s probably not exactly what you were thinking… Okay, it likely wasn’t anywhere close to what you were thinking, but, if it was, here is my expectation shattering sentence:

This post is not about Adam and Eve and the fall of man.

I’ll bet you didn’t see that one coming.

No, I’m in too good a mood to talk of guilt, disobedience, depravity and whatnot. It’s actually Fall! I can’t believe we are finally getting consistent temperatures below 80. Sadly, 80° and beyond has been practically the entirety of the past 9 months for me. I’m what you might call a heataphobe(heat-a-phobe), at least, I’m what you might call a heataphobe if you used words like heataphobe… Which you probably don’t. Basically that means that I’m not a fan of hot weather, which I suppose I could have said just as easily by saying: I’m not a fan of hot weather… Oh well. So for me this time of year is wonderful. 

I’m also an introvert, at least I would really like to be. It’s very hard to be an introvert when you are a performer. Fall is one of the most interospective, mentally stimulating times I know of. The changing of the leaves, the old passing away, and the land being covered in frost and cold. It is very thought provoking….

He took one step into the path covered in crisp autumn leaves, pausing to smell the aroma of the frosted pine as the clean winter wind whisked across his face. It truly was spectacular, the Changing, all the colors, and the tides of wind. The warm and the cold, the bright and the dull, everything was so alive even as everything began to fade away. The hidden life, the shedding of the old to make room for the new, it was all so surreal. He barely noticed the orange sun as it melted beneath the whisps of a golden horizon… The world was turning, the life of the old was fading and the new was being born even now. New life. That was what it was all about… Times change, people, change, seasons change… Or do they. Was he the one that was changing, or was the world changing around him? Light was fading fast, but he knew that tomorrow would come before he had the chance to miss today. So he said goodnight to the trees and the sky and walked back down the path toward home. Home, that was one thing that never changed, it was always there, it was always warm. Home.

In the arms of Jesus you’ll find rest, and even as the world around you and everything you know begins to change, He will never change. Come home. It’s where you are loved, it’s where you belong, it never changes, it is always there for you to run back to. Home.

As alway, thanks for reading, enjoy your fall! Wait- I don’t mean that I want you to enjoy falling, not that you should fal and not enjoy it but-, Nevermind. Like, follow, share your thoughts and ideas, find me on social.

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