The question of God coexisting in a fantasy world was one that particularly troubled me for a long time. Can you make up your own universe without establishing yourself as God? Is it possible to include God in a created universe? The answer to the first question is no; you cannot create a universe and not establish yourself as the God of that universe. As the writer, you have absolute and unquestioned power over every detail of that universe. You created it, you maintain and sustain it, you are the God of that universe.

The answer to the second question is also no. It is not possible to include God in a universe that He did not create. Now, before you write it off as impossible to write Christian fantasy remember what fantasy is.

Fantasy is working with characters that don’t exist in situations that don’t exist, in a world that does not exist.

I was hoping to make that a direct quote of when I said it earlier, but I couldn’t find that particular quote in any of my previous posts, and whenever I attempt to quote myself it generally differs a little from the initial saying. What I did find when browsing past posts was that they used to be quite a bit shorter in length than what I am currently posting. This, to me seems strange, mostly because I posted every week back then and had far more time to conceptualize and compose my posts.

However, I will be getting back to the more concise standard length for practical purposes at the very least. Now, back to topic. 

God cannot exist in a world He did not create: end of discussion, that is an absolute. But, a picture, an outline of God or a shadow of Him can. I believe that fantasy is a tool of writing that should be used to illustrate the nature of God and His relationship with man. Fantasy needs to have a purpose, not just the stories we write in fantasy, but the tool itself; otherwise what mindlessness are we purporting and devoting endless hours to? 


So, there it is, God, Himself cannot exist in fantasy unless you press fantasy into the meld of allegory, (totally different genres by the way). But, God can be revealed through fantasy in its allusions, idioms, similes, metaphors, motifs, portraits, phrasologies, and just about every other creative ploy that can be employed. The lens of fantasy obscures the message enough that a non-believer may read it unwittingly and only after the fact realize the true purpose and message of the story. Use the tools God has given to you to proclaim Him to the lost. No, God and fantasy cannot coexist, but nothing can stop, limit, or prevent the message of God. 

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