A history of the holiday known as Halloween, when we celebrate… Well, to put it bluntly: evil, is not the most festive story that could be told. On the contrary, this so-called holiday has one of the most bloody and gruesome histories of any known celebration. 


Think about what it is we are celebrating when we send our children to strangers’ homes, wearing costumes of creatures and witches.  Why is this considered a holiday? What does it stand for, how did it get started? I’m publishing this post after the event because I realize that there is nothing I can say or do to prevent it, and I don’t want to ruin your fun. But, ponder what occurred yesterday. Read the news. What happened last night? What horrible incidents occurred? How is human sacrificing, poisoned candy, and scaring the living day lights out of people considered to be festive and celebratory activity?


Samhain, the original Celtic holiday that was celebrated on November 1st, began as a day when saints would go about doing good deeds; a day when all the good that was in the world was emulated by saints. The eve of “All Saints Day”, which  we now call Halloween or Hallows Eve, has also been known by other names: All Saints Eve, Night Of All Hallows, but has always meant the same thing; Halloween was the “Night of The Living Dead”. A day before All Saints Day, when the spirits of the dead travelled to the otherworld and haunted men during their passage. I call Halloween “The Breaking”, a day when the veil between death and life is torn and ghosts come forth to plague mortals. This is all superstition and folklore, but people actually believed this.

Traditionally, sacrifices were offered to appease the spirits, animals slaughtered and whatnot. However, the Celts were a barbarian people, very cultish and superstitious, the sacrifices soon escalated to people. A gruesome festival of the spirits it became. Bonfires were lit so that the shadows of the spirits might alert the people to their presence, people disguised themselves in bedsheets and other costumes to make the spirits think that they were one of them. That is where the costumes of Halloween come from.

If you think that all of that is just history and that the holiday is nothing more than kids having fun and getting candy, let me draw you a picture. Years ago, people believed that the spirits came alive on a certain day, on that day, they gave sacrifices to the spirits to make them go away.

Today, people encourage their children to dress up as evil spirits, they go to people’s houses where the people give them candy to make them go away. I don’t see the difference here. The modern day celebration of Halloween is a not-so vague shadow of what this celebration of fear and the dead has always been.


Halloween, even today is a celebration of fear, a day that people prey on the paranoia of others to scare them silly. It’s also the Satan worshipper’s equivalent to Christmas for the Christians. It is the day they try their hardest to be like their master. Evil is at its pinnacle on earth during the celebration of Hallows Eve.

Christ says over 140 times in the Bible, “Fear not”, it is a command, not a suggestion and it flies in the face of everything that Halloween stands for. I’m not asking you if it is okay to celebrate Halloween or if it is harmless. I’m asking you if it’s right morally? If it is right Biblically? What would Jesus do? Would Jesus participate in a day that glorifies and celebrates His enemy?

Why can’t we see past the blinders that we have put over our own eyes? Why can’t we acknowledge what we know inside to be true? I don’t take stances against things for no reason. I have no opinions that do not have solid, Scriptural basis or logic reasoning. I will never be anything but open and honesty with you, my readers. I love you and care to much for your souls and your testimonies to lead you astray intentionally. Trust me when I say, you are intelligent enough to see past the smoke screen the world has put up. You are smart enough to see through the lies. If God lives in your heart, He will guide you. Trust your heart, trust your Master, trust me.

…let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

-Romans 3:4 

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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