But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19 

This verse is especially pertinate to my writing currently, as some very dear friends of mine recently purchased a computer for me as a gift. After my laptop was stolen in San Deigo, California two years ago I became extremely limited in what I was able to do in relation to writing, web coding, and graphic designing as well as several other important things that I did for the ministry. For those two years I had been getting by with using my phone or a shared laptop for what was needed, but had very little oprotunity to progress my future.

I could not write with the liberty and ease that I had been, and research for my other interests was non-existent. So, timely, and very much a need that God has provided for me through His servants is a laptop. I am grateful beyond words for their investment into my future and God’s purpose for my life, whatever it may be.


Well, I want to talk about story progression. Really, story progression simply means the moving foreward of a story. If you are a writer or have ever atempted to write a story, this is one of the trials you face. How to move it foreward, how to conceptualize it. A story progression is the envisioning, the skeletizing, (that is a word, I made it up), and the construction of the story.


Story progression, in my opinion is best done in a large group setting. Much like you would brainstorm for a school project, brainstorming a story is easier when many minds are set upon it. Like it says in the scriptures: there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. The progression is more than just the moving of the story and creating the ideas for the next part, story progression is the process of bringing your story to life. It takes many mouths, many brains, and many hours to create a masterpiece, and that is what every writer should strive for.

More than just the stories we write, it is the stories of our lives that we progress. It takes many many mouths, many minds, and many hours to create a masterpiece, and that is what every Christian should strive for. To the stories of our lives we should devote our best ideas, best plans, and best abilities to create the best possible future we can. But, as in story progression, we need to seek the council and advice of others and ultimately God if we are to write the story of our life with the wisdom and skill to make it great.

The majority of my stories have undergone development and progression with a very special friend of mine, Stephen Dodd, who is in my opinion the most brilliant mind of our generation. Our families have known each other since before we both were born. We have in a way grown up together; as my family traveled, his would follow us, moving their own home base to states we visited frequently. Eventually both families came to rest within 30 miles of each other, his in Springfield, MO, and mine in Branson.

For years we have undergone story progression with one another, developing our skills, forging characters and stories, plots and ideas, but overall just having fun. When you make your work fun, it gets done more quickly and is a better product for it. However, it does help to not consider it work to begin with.

I never thought of my writing as work, though it may become that some day, it has always been a part of me. Something I just do, I don’t have to make myself do it, I don’t even have to conciously decide to on most days. It’s an instant reaction to information to want to write it down and record it.

All of these elements are key to good and painless story pro. To have a mind for the task, to have a friend to help in the task, and to absorb information with the the intent of imputing it to the task is what story pro is all about. Story progression, whether that of our lives or of writing takes concious decisions and choices on our part. It also requires more than just us to work properly.

For your writing projects and stories, blogs on writing are a good starting point in stimulating ideas for story pro. Also, it’s good to have a bounce point, a person or group that you can bounce ideas off of. I’d love to discuss ideas with you and answer any questions you may have about writing. We all need a little help every now and again with our stories.


So, I guess my question is to you: what kind of story are you writing? What methods are you using in the making of the story of you? What do you want your life to be? Aim for it, plan for it, consult others, consult God, and if everything falls through and you screw it all up… Well, you can always start a blog.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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