I was recently made aware of a conversation my sister had been having with an online classmate for an AP English and Composition class she is taking. She told me of how her and her fellow student had been discussing versions of the Bible–if you know my family, you know that is an important area for us– and she had referred this classmate to my blog post where I talked about versions of the Bible.

Apparently, I had said something of value in that post, which caused the person to think about what version of the Bible they were reading and the reasons behind it. I’m grateful for the impact, however small it might seem, that this blog is making in peoples’ lives. 

I truly dedicate the best of myself to the one post I write each day. However, my best is judged on an ill balanced scale and is often vastly different from day to day. So, you my dear readers, get the good, the bad, and the ugly of me every day. I hope you feel special. 🙂

I began this blog for two primary reasons. One: I was in a position where I felt a need to write; my ideas were in an excess and I had not the means of expressing myself any other way. So, I poured my soul into blogging on what is now a daily regimen. My second reason for starting this blog was that I wanted to make a difference in the world, no matter how small. I am an artist, I am a writer, my creativity is my greatest attribute, and the only way I know to express my emotions is through writing.

Though I labor writing a post every day, there is the pressure to post quality content, I do not begrudge it. I enjoy the task of finding a purpose for each post. But, even the most capable of men and women need a bit of encouragement every now and again. That conversation of my sister and her classmate was my encouragement this week. I challenge you to encourage someone even today. Say something nice, lift them up, a single word of encouragement can let them know you care and help them carry on. 

Paul often wrote to churches and brothers in Christ to encourage them, telling them to stay strong in the faith and be of good courage. With all the enemies Christianity has out to destroy it, brothers and sister in Christ need to be supporting and uplifting one another. If we’re not looking out for each other, watching each other’s backs, then no one is.

There is security and warmth in the encouragement of friends. To know that those you care about are on your side and with you come what may, is one of the greatest feelings in the world. But, there will always be those who want to stifle your joy, to douse your fire. And this can be accomplished by a variety of methods. 

Often for me it occurs when I am diverting myself in a mindless conversation, (also known as a mild argument), attempting to forget the busyness and complexity of life in a meaningless squabble about nothing; I find myself many a time engaging in such trifling quarrels of wit and then falling under the realization that I was disturbing or disrupting the same diverting calmness in another person. To simplify things, when I am arguing, it tends to upset others before I realize it.

The words that then ensue are contrary to my carefree and easy-going spirit. I break and my heart drops, the little things that I do, seemingly for simple diversion can cause the greatest conflict in my life when reactionaries respond to them. I apologize for making myself the victim in this case, I am more often wrong than right in these things. 

But, even from within we can be discouraged, our fires quelled and spirits dispelled. You see all the more the need for encouragement from Christian brothers and sisters. Go encourage someone today.

As always, thanks for reading.

the anonymous novelist

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