For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Romans 6:23

Sin’s Wage:

The “wages of sin” literally means sin’s payment, or money earned by working for sin. When we commit sin we are working for ourselves, our selfishness earns us our payment. We earn the payment of sin, the wages of our work, and sin’s wage is not monetary, it is metaphysical. The wage of sin is death, not bodily death, for statistics prove that 1 out of 1 die without the help of sin anyway. But, the death that we earn for our sin is a spiritual and everlasting death, separated from Love in a place of eternal torment. Think about that. We earned Hell, we did something worthy of deserving it, we achieved it by working for ourselves in this life.

Sin is a hard task master, and it will lead you into a deep abyss the longer you work for it. But, look at the phraseology here: For the wages of sin is death. God did not say that the wages of sins, (plural), was death, but that the wages of sin, (singular), is death. Just one, solitary sin can condemn you forever. No man can claim a perfect life, except the Lord, Jesus Christ only. Even He had to endure the wages of sin. When Christ died on the cross, He descended into Hell and took from Satan the keys of death, Hell, and the grave. He bore our sins to Hell and felt the wages of them, he saw the torment sin would cause those who rejected Him. This place, this death was their reward.

God’s Gift:

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad that God didn’t stop there. He went on to say that even though the wages of sin is death: the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. God’s gift… In contrast to a wage, which is something that you earn, a gift is something that you did nothing to deserve. A gift is something given to you just for being you. 

God loves you just as you are, all the scars of sin, all the flaws and insecurities. He offers the gift of eternal life to you just as you are. I love that God saved us while we were yet sinners. He didn’t wait to save us until we had changed and began to do good, He loved us not for who we were, but for who we could be.

Note the phraseology used here as well, the Bible says: the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Now, wouldn’t the verse have accomplished the goal by excluding the words, “Our Lord”? Would it not have been enough just to say: eternal life through Jesus Christ? Well, to answer that, I have to ask one more question: is salvation for everyone? The answer is no. Salvation is not for everyone; what I mean by that is Jesus Christ died on the cross not so that whosoever shall not perish. He died so that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish. 

The part where it says, through Jesus Christ our Lord, is vitally important. If Christ is not Lord, there is no salvation. He becomes Lord and then saves us, the Lord part is not optional. He is Lord first, then Savior. 


We earned death, for what we had done on this earth we deserved to die. But the gift of God: grace, was extended and mercy for our souls. We were forgiven and freed from sin and death. Christ broke the power of sin, death, Hell, and the grave. We no longer live in darkness, but in the light of love.

Knowing this, we should be the happiest, most joyful people on the planet. The Spirit living in us testifies of the greatness of God and we should let the world know. Grace, unbelievable, undeniable, amazing grace saved my soul. We have the promise that grace will always be greater than sin. The death that others are working for, the sin that they are slaves to, it can be destroyed by the grace of God; grace that is greater than all our sin.

This video is of a song that ministers to me when I think about how destitute in sin’s power I was. It simply says that grace will always be greater than sin.

And with that, I bid you good day and hope to hear from you soon. Like, comment, I’d love to chat with some of you anytime.

As always, thanks for reading.

–the anonymous novelist

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