Once every four years I talk about politics. Now, I’m not a fan of politics by any stretch of the mind, I do not enjoy keeping up with debates and polls and things of that nature. It is not that I do not care who wins, as a citizen and voter of the United States People’s Government, I have the right and obligation to ensure by my one vote that the right person gets into office. So, I care a great deal about the fate of this country and who will lead it, I’m just not overly thrilled with the discussion, back-bitting, and slander it takes to get there.

There has been one candidate who has been pretty standup throughout the duration of the race thus far, and that is Dr. Ben Carson. Though the man has had no political experience, he has handled every question brilliantly and has found solutions to many of the problems facing our country. However, I’m not going to continue this post with Dr. Carson, because I can think of no evil to speak against him. What is a soapbox for if you can’t bash someone or something?

In contrast to Carson we have other GOP candidates who are very backhanded, under the table kind of guys. Donald Trump, (sorry Trump fans), is one of those guys. He has succeeded in making himself look like the biggest jerk currently in the election, and I say that with respect for the man himself, but a growing dislike to political side of him. Trump acts like a viper, whether it be picking a fight with news casters, Hillary Clinton, or real candidates, he sets himself up as a news target and has made it clear he will do anything get attention; bar nothing, even his hair seems like an obvious ploy to get noticed and be remembered. Think about it, what is the first thing to jump into your mind when I say: Donald Trump? Besides billions of dollars that is.

Though I believe Trump would be a very strong, very economical leader, I simply do not like his politics. But, I’m not sure which is worse, Trump’s hair, or Hillary Clinton’s computer password; as if the Clinton’s didn’t have enough problems already.

Hillary Clinton… Where to begin. She has blown the entire election for herself. Her reputation and that of her husband was already 1 strike against her, the only thing she had majorly going for her was the “woman” vote. Though they won’t admit it, people will vote for a woman on no merit whatsoever other than her gender. However, with Carly Fiorina in the race, and this email scandal, I think Hillary has even lost the “woman” vote, or at least a large portion of it.

Whether they deserve it or not, none of the other candidates are polling anywhere close to the top 3 or 4. Though I can not speak for anyone else, I pray God will put the right leader into office to take us out of this murky quagmire into which we have slid.

You can learn a lot about a person by what they say when running for office. What beliefs will they compromise, what corners will they cut, is their word sacred to them or do the spend it idly and let it fall back on itself? There have been many claims, many promises, some for good, most for evil, and many simply to win a vote or 2. George Washington was one of the only presidents to fulfill all of his campaign promises. Mainly because he made none, he was elected by unanimous vote without delivering a single speech or uttering one promise. 

I can tell you one thing, no matter what the, so called, “Supreme Court” says, they have no authority to redefine marriage, or life, or anything else. Constitutionally they have no right to make the choices they are making for our country. This is still our country. Not the Government’s, not the Supreme Court’s, it belongs to us. We need to speak out against these injustices, these transgressions of our authority. It is our duty to call out the factions and institutions that we have established, when they are out of line. So, why don’t we? 

I’ll just leave you with this, if the judicial system can remove our rights in the way that they are, and suppose that they have the authority to redefine God’s laws set into existance before the foundations of the earth was laid, then what is to prevent the highest authority in our country from doing the same or worse? I want to caution you to not so much listen to what these candidates say, but to pay close attention to who they are and how they behave. Because who they are in the race is who they will be in office. Their words may sound nice, but do they kick other candidates when they are down? Do they look for fault and exploit it? Do they defame other people in public and embarrass them to bring attention to themselves? These are not the qualities we want in a leader. 

A leader should be a gentleman. Yes I did specify gentleman because God has ordained that man lead. In history, the only times that women have taken lead of a people is when men are afraid to. Let us not fall to the place where we will bring shame upon our nation by electing a woman, someone that men are sworn to protect, become the most targeted indivual in the nation. Well, my soapbox is getting slippery, and I’m really not fond of it anyway. So, this concludes my tyraid. Be looking for another post akin to this one sometime in the next 4 years.

As always, thanks for reading. I encourage you to pray about this election, who does God want in office?

–the anonymous novelist 

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